6 mos Later, I’m Still Free!    (2 min read)

Join me in my quest for 

MORE “One of the Lucky Ones!”

It’s been six months since I posted

  Rant and rave on The Unwanted Visitor!

I’m still C-diff free! 

How did I do it? 

I ate 1 avocado a day and

Drank Kevita probiotic drink

(Switched to Karma Vitamin water with probiotics in the cap 2 mos ago)
Along with eating, 🍹ing or taking the following-

Standard process Promaline Iodine & Okra pepsin E3 

Fish oil supplement

Turmeric sprinkled on my Crohns and colitis diet

Yogurt daily  (No other dairy)

1 Banana per day

Fermented foods (dill pickles or sauerkraut work well)

No red meat ( still none yet 😒)

Limited pork

Almond milk


Fruit smoothie made with banana, blueberries and applesauce  with a squirt of lemon ( now 3 times per week instead of everyday)

Coconut water not made from concentrate in tap water

Nature’s Bounty probiotic at dinner time.  

Cayenne pepper sprinkled on most anything.

Seeped green tea, echinacea, marshmallow root and stevia herbs. ( I also add ginkgo)

Ginger in or on anything you like.

I keep a prescription of dicyclomine 20 mg on hand in case of Colon spasms.

Start with a short walk each day and increase distance as your body will allow. If you feel pulling in you abdominal area shorten it, then increase again in a week or two.

**For more in depth information read my Rant and rave on The Unwanted Visitor post!**

** Most important is the PROBIOTICS and the AVOCADO! **


Health be with you!!

Keep me posted and share! share! share!!

Kind Regards and feeling thankful, grateful and thinking of you -K

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