52 Weeks Of Thankfulness #6

I am thankful for the 4 seasons in New England. 

Having had the wonderful opportunity to have lived in Oregon and

Arizona, though I embraced their unique beauty,

My heart  still belongs to New England.

Fall is my favorite,

Spring comes second

and Winter and Summer tie for 3rd.


**Shared via  pics of our New England backyard 

along with a couple of Zen to Zany’s

thought provoking prints…


**Pictures are compliments of L.G.B –

aka: “Mr October” in the 2017 AGCO Calendar.

 Check it out if you have a chance.

Sorry, it’s his prize winning photo, not him in his Speedo… smirk.






Keep moving forward one step at a time…. 








Kind Regards and feeling ghoulishly thankful- K



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17 thoughts on “52 Weeks Of Thankfulness #6

  1. Fantastic, thank you. I visited New Hampshire many years ago fell in love with it, late September I went and the leaves from the Trees, the colours magnificent. Love all the pictures especially the small Waterfall. Really great blog. Enjoy your weekend.


    1. thank you thank you thank you!!…
      Wish I had more time to dedicate to it these days…. new job is taking a lot of time.. but that is a plus plus…

      I appreciate your candid, insightful and inspirational comments and stories… You always make my day brighter…

      enjoy your weekend. I hope you are feeling better!!

      Kind Regards and feeling grateful for special individuals like you – K


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