The Power of Good Wishes


The power of good wishes.   

When we give a birthday present or card we wish the person a beautiful day and wonderful year, and happiness always.   We wish everyone happy birthday or happy anniversary.  

Let me always have a good wish for everyone every day.  Let me always wish everyone well, may everyone be happy even those who hurt me.  When  I release the hurt, I give them good wishes of love and kindness, for they are hurt and they are not operating from their highest good self. 

If I react in a negative way to a person who is not nice to me, and I wish them ill for hurting me, I create a negative karmic account for which I will have to pay later. 

An ill wish is not a good wish in-fact it is the opposite of good wish, it is a curse.  A curse on them…

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5 thoughts on “The Power of Good Wishes

  1. I strongly believe in this power.
    It always works.
    Your blog has a lots of inspirational stuff and that makes the visit worth.
    I completely loved it.

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