Simple survive the Holiday hints…

Tis that time of year… The Holidays = LOTS OF STRESS.

Hopefully, you successfully survived Black Friday

without too many cuts and bruises… 🙂

Here are a few “Pinterest”, thoughts

to show you how to EASE your stress-filled mind… ❤





Be kind to yourself!!


Kind Regards – K


19 thoughts on “Simple survive the Holiday hints…

  1. As a small child, the holidays always stressed me out. My mom said I would get overwhelmed going here and there non stop and be absolutely exhausted. I’ve learned to slow things down and take in the simple meaning of holidays now. Great tips!

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  2. I used to think I only hated Christmas but i now know its the entire season..I can’t survive the festivities and stuff , but treating myself to a few things and hoping its the middle of January before I know it helps xx

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    1. Love your thoughts! I tried something different this year. I put a few. Very few twinkling lights in my living room. I felt a touch of magic instead of the sadness I expected. A successful experiment. It was my time. Hugs


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