I earned $0 blogging but..

As I reach 492 followers, over 13 k views in 5 mos of blogging it hits me.

$0 dollars earned.

Meaningful moments priceless!

I’ve made people laugh, cry, hope and met many that relate!

  •  I have been inspired, uplifted and giggled at some of my favorite regulars comments…
  • What a fabulous journey!!

Feeling alive is not price -tag-able!

I am pleasantly surprised and blessed  many times a week with new wonderfully talented followers, comrades and possibilities!!

Thank you all for each role you have played in this experience!

I’m hooked!!

Kind Regards and #winning-K

28 thoughts on “I earned $0 blogging but..

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your journey and inspiring me while I try to find my way. I’m getting there because being positive is definitely a road worth traveling.
      Love and keep on inspiring.

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  1. Earning money through my blog has never been one of my intentions, but I have earned much more than I could have ever thought could be earned through a virtual circle, it makes me live, it reconnects me with the most amazi g parts of myself

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    1. Interesting isn’t it, finding your connection to self.

      I’m sure you have noticed you are not alone on that journey. Thank you for sharing. I’m extremely glad you dropped by and comments such as yours always warm my soul.

      Kind Regards and feeling grateful -K

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    1. I read somewhere not too long ago… about one of the best ways to pull yourself out of a funk, is to write about something happy. The result can help not only yourself find an upswing mindset, but also just the feeling that it may inspire others to have a brighter day in turn makes your day brighter…. 🙂

      In my world, it definitely works…

      I shall happy dance in the glow of your inspirational words….

      Kind Regards and grinning – K

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