Our lil’ corner of NH

This week we are joining Cee’s ‘Share Your world’ photography challenge! A creative way to start 2017! 

A unique way to stay warm on this sunny,  yet 20 degree winter’s day. brrrr! Answering 4 questions and sharing a peek of our part of East coast, USA. 

Would you prefer to receive a unicycle, bicycle, tricycle or motorcycle?    I would say motorcycle, there are so many places to cruise to in the United States. I’ve ridden all over New England but there are so many places I long to go. 

Would you prefer to fly a kite or fly in a hot air balloon?  Both!! Goal, head up to the yearly Queeche Gorge Hot Air Balloon Festival in Vermont or drive to a Maine beach when summer rolls around!!

What is one thing you’d like to accomplish this year? We have talked about capturing and sharing our part of New England throughout all 4 seasons. Six if you count Mud season and Fallinter. 🙃

What was one of the highlights of 2016 for you?    Hitting 500 followers on our blog!    LGB rediscovered his passion for photography in 2016.  I think his photographs played a large role in that achievement. 😎

We made it! 

 Time for a 

Happy dance!

Kind Regards – LGB and K

6 thoughts on “Our lil’ corner of NH

  1. The combination of breathtaking photos–and your answers to questions that gave us a glimpse of your very interesting and adventurous side–makes for a really great post…wonderful…thanks for sharing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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