Some days I dance!


13319751_981193428660071_1378911400998395384_n Thank you Zen to Zany!!

Just as the veteran cannot control his flashbacks nor can an individual predict what dreams they will experience at night. A person who lives fighting depression is unable to control the days they feel down. But, the good news is they can try!

Unlike a bad case of the chicken pox, depression is not visible.  I have been told my depression is all in my head. Obviously, if you can’t see it, it cannot exist, right? Wrong!  We are near or next to people each day and have no idea they fight to embrace the positive side of existence.

There are days when I feel like that cartoon character that walks around with the pesky rain cloud overhead. Other days, I awake to find sunshine in my head, heart and soul.

Each day, I struggle to achieve inner peace and true happiness. My tool box filled with tips…

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2 thoughts on “Some days I dance!

  1. I’m glad your son has victories. Whatever the similarities you see between you though seem to be less than you think as you have an understanding of trying to keep the black dog in his kennel while he just thinks the black dog is a story from your past. I don’t think it’s OK for him to leave without allowing you an explanation as he may do that with someone at work who is fighting particularly hard that day and your son puts him down.
    I think it would do him a favour to listen to you and understand that your past is also your present and just how had you fight sometimes.
    I’m truly sorry for those that choose suicide because they can’t see the world in the way others can. It’s bleak and without hope sometimes no matter how hard they fight.
    Keep up the good fight, you’re doing very well and putting up some great survival tips from your tool box.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


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