Once I Was… and Now I Am…



Do you remember when you were 13 what you aspired to be when you became an adult? Then between the ages of 16 and 18, we had another vision of our future. I’m thinking  something along the line of “taking over the world.” Serious stuff like that. (smirk) We knew it all! No one could tell us anything. The possibilities were endless. The world was wide open!  Move over because we are here!!! Woo hoo!!

Somewhere between then and our fifties a whole lot of reality took over. We worked jobs we hated because we had families and responsibilities. Single parenthood was hard work but no longer frowned upon. Then, WHAM! in comes the era of the entrepreneur. I am not sure of what percent there is of triumphant individuals. Do you?  I surely  want to hear the numbers are high. Hard work, countless 16 hour days plus. “Do what you love…

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