We Certainly Can!

March stomped out leaving behind  12 fresh inches of extra heavy packed white snowflakes. While, April Fools Day welcomed me with a case of insomnia and lots of shoveling!

One must love Mother Nature’s sense of humor, particularly if you live in New England.

Tomorrow’s weather looks like 50s and sunny,  by the end of the week we may have gone  from sopping wet mittens and boots to shorts and flip flops!

One would think we would be accustomed to change by now. Who was it that said, “Change is inevitable. It’s a constant, the one thing you can rely on?”

I believe, if we can adapt to rapidly changing weather, we sure can learn to walk any path we choose! Literally,  set our minds to do anything! 


Kind Regards and 

                 believing in you – K

 Photography by LGB. Look for him as BGage in Viewbug! 😘


14 thoughts on “We Certainly Can!

    1. LGB does have an eye for and loves to lose himself in nature! Your words will lift his spirits! He’s humble but I enjoy seeing the twinkle in his eye when he sees such a wonderful compliment! 🌷🌷Thank you. I hope you are enjoying the day. Kind Regards -K

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