Long week at work,


Feeling accomplished,


Your NEW boss asks

I need you to make

A list…

We really don’t know

What it is you do?

Could you make a list

So we know?




Heart feels heavy

Brain goes blank,

Shoulders droop,

You take the piece of

Paper and drag your feet

To your office.


That was Friday

Today is Saturday

A fresh new day!

The sun is shining!

It’s over 40°!

And I’m singing

“Everyday, Everyday,

Everyday, I write the book…”

Elvis Costello and The Attractions – 1998

G’Ma’s trying on

Her first pair

Of never ever say never

Pre-ripped embroidered


I Am In Love!

Feel like I’m stylin’

In my jammies!

And YES it was me.

When they first appeared,

Who once said

“Why would anyone ever

Buy a pair of pre-ripped


Of course that was about

Twenty years ago.

“When I knew it all.



Kind Regards and getting smarter everyday -K

# winning


6 thoughts on “What DO YOU DO?

    1. I’m sorry. 😢 You are better off and I truly believe that. I have struggled with a similar experience. Blogging, journaling and finding the positive will help bring good things. Vent, let it out, release it, let it go and move on. Know you did your best! Sending hugs your way! Keep on blogging, journaling, whatever it takes! Sending you giant hugs! I believe in you. ❤️


    2. Thanks. The big benefit of that job was learning i was worth so much more. It was several years later that i had the best job of my life. Now I’m just hoping for a decent job with decent pay.

      Liked by 1 person

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