Letter from a Super Snail

I am pleased to share a first and hopefully only the beginning of writing and sharing from a special guest that prefers to remain anonymous.

We are glad you joined us. ❤️

Each day is a new day,

a fresh start,

a clean slate.


see courage, strength,

and determination take on the day.


the feelings of fear, exhaustion,

and timidness drive one foot in front of the other.

However, one foot is in front of the other.

Ever moving forward.


Hitting snooze seven times

and then getting up.

But she gets up.

On the outside she appears to have it all.

On the inside,

all of her is giving,

every ounce of effort

to get through the day.

Perception is your reality.

Moving forward is always moving forward.

They may see a lioness

and she may feel a snail.

Each serve their purpose

and still she is making progress.

Today, she is thankful for the tiny movements she made forward.

These are her victories.

They can think whatever the hell they want.

In the end.

It’s all the same anyway.

She is a champion!


Great job!



Kind Regards and proud of you, Snail -K




21 thoughts on “Letter from a Super Snail

  1. bless snail’s heart. sounds very much like a day in the life of depression/anxiety omg. Been there. Sometimes just leaving the house is such a triumph! *hugs* for her!!!!!!! awesome writing!

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  2. “Outsiders,

    see courage, strength,

    and determination take on the day.”

    I just heard this from two different people in one week. One thought employers should think I was strong, a strong person, when I am honest about my mental challenges. The other was shocked when I told him how afraid I am on in the inside sometimes. I’m so used to feeling vulnerable it never occurred to me til this week that others might see me (and all of us) differently. Was really interesting.

    But I like this poem best because of the fresh start theme. Matches where I am right now.

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  3. “Each serve their purpose

    and still she is making progress.”

    This is a brilliant couplet. (correct term?)

    and I’ve read all this before. But it’s hitting me again all over again. I”m going to share it AGAIN. Just love it.

    Liked by 1 person

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