That’s Just My Dad…

Moon River

Wider than a mile

I’ll be crossing

You in style some day…..


Dad, I can’t believe it’s been 21 years since you went off to play jazz sitting on a cloud!

In the quiet moments of a hard day- I can still hear you guiding me in the right direction.

When I close my eyes I see your smile.

(Playing with my daughter)💕
(My son, dad’s mini me)💕

When i listen to music i automatically pick out each individual instrument just the way you taught me.

(2nd from the left)🎺

When i dance i recall how cool it was as a little girl to be waltzing around the room while standing on your feet.

(Dad’s original
mini me, ME)💕

When i am near someone smoking a Tiparillo -i inhale and it reminds me of your occasional after-dinner cigar.

Each day i feel your gentle nature all around me.

Thank you dad for being you…💕

That’s just My Dad! ❤️🎶🎵🎶🎺🎺

Kind Regards and

Smiling with memories -K


38 thoughts on “That’s Just My Dad…

  1. A brilliant tribute to a dad and a friend. No wonder you remember him so readily. It looks like he was a great granddad to your children too.I’m lucky enough to have a similar relationship with my daughter too when she’s not bullying me.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 🌷 My dad and I had some great debates. As a teen I gave him a run for his money. I might have been slightly bullheaded. ☺️
      But. I could talk to him about anything, alas I could not with my mother.
      ((( Hugs back)))


    1. ❤️🎺❤️ yes ma’am, I did! Quietest and sweetest alcoholic I have ever known. Yes! he was human! Then he quit drinking for 20 years. Best Grandpa ever! But mom never let him forget his drinking. I never understood until after I married a man exactly like him.
      The things we learn at band camp! 😁🎺😁


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