Life Is Not Forever; Treasure Your Time My Dear …

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A Life Less Ordinary With SauraBhavna

                         “Never Miss An Opportunity To Be HAPPY”

If you are always running after big things, how will you admire the great beauty and soul-soothing joy in the little things of life? This prerequisite of living through life PERFECTLY, make us forget the simple joys that make our heart smile. Because we often take them as a hindrance in our path to our grand materialistic achievements.


We fear to go out in the rain,
to prevent it from spoiling our wardrobe.
We fear to buy the dress that we really liked,
because if we don’t dress trendy people will judge us.
we just can’t let go and dance freely,
because the fear of being viewed as a failure is too much embarrassing.
when was the last time we had a loud hearty laugh?
coz we don’t want our…

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