Cee’s Which Way Challenge 6/15/2018

Who can resist

Cee’s photography


There are numerous to

choose from!

Follow this link and

Try one today!

Cee’s Photography

Here are my entries for

This weeks #CWW

Going up?


Chief and I out for a stroll 1


Chief and I out for a stroll 2


Across the road🐾🐾

Cruzin’ to work!


Feeling secure!


Afternoon drive in VT




A little propane?


Bet it doesn’t run like a Deere!


NH Deere!


As the old timers say in

New England

” Well the distance, as the crow flies is…”


“Ya can’t get there from heya!”


Enjoy your Fathers Day!


Sweet William

In loving memory of my Dad

Bill aka William H King


Kind Regards and moving on down the road – K


🌷photography compliments of K of TheBlackWallBlog 2018.

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