The things we leave behind. (Song of life.)

Awesome piece!
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Nicolas Heartmann

(#Liberation from #Anxiety. #Surviving #Earth part 2 thx to; Ed Morning)

Just recently a good friend of mine, made a comment on my Blog; ‘surviving earth.’

He said, “Nic, your in the upside down.” (a reference to a show called ‘stranger things.’)

The upside down is a sort of appellation or reference to what we might call; a shadow world. I suppose it can be expressed in concept, as a place where the things we’ve left behind reside. I’m pendulating to say that; these are not just things left behind. But, things left behind, which remain unresolved. A mentor of mine brought clarity to this concept; explaining these things to be almost as ‘coal.’ Something which can be sort of mined as fuel, for creating some of the most fascinating of things. Sadly most people do not turn to uplift there unresolved happenings. Rather running passes as the visceral action…

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