K’s Blog Recommendations 7.19.18

Tiny Bubbles, Who goes there?

Always so many uniquely talented blogs to share!

I was chatting with Shilpa from SIWO today and she mentioned I don’t review the blogs I share.

She made a Superb observation.

I purposely don’t review.

Every blog and blogger is unique.

My blog shares the links. If I don’t review you get to experience each blog just as I did.

Totally innocent not knowing what to expect.

Just like opening gifts at Christmas!

Each one is my gift to you and a surprise to the unsuspecting blog to be featured.

I do hope you will relish this week’s list!

Bring on the comments!

( Each one a gift from you to me! ) 😉

















Want to be recommended?

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Kind Regards – K

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Photography of The pond compliments of BGage 7.18

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