K’s Blog Recommendations 8.10.18

Good Morning!

What a fabulous week of new, vibrant, colorful, picturesque , talent-filled blogs and posts!









☀️ https://spdhegde.wordpress.com/2018/08/08/cosmos/



The SIWO MEET & GREET share your quotes and blog links are my all time favorite!

Don’t forget to join the weekly fun Saturday!

You just might find yourself on K’s blog recommendations!

Thank you ALL for being you!



❤️🌎❤️ spreading positivity ’round the world!

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Kind Regards and already looking forward to next week – K

34 thoughts on “K’s Blog Recommendations 8.10.18

    1. ❤️ I love your posts and I love your blog. And I happen to love your name too, it just so happens my daughter has the same name, different spelling. I would say that’s a win win win!

      Have a wonderful Friday and I look forward to seeing what the next seven days brings and hope you do too!

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  1. Thank you so very much for your generous kindness in featuring Cafe Philos this week.

    Much appreciated by me, and by my crowd of loyal readers, all of whom are sensitive, skill chimpanzees taught to read English and compose my better blog posts for me. Good help is so hard to get today at insultingly low wages, but I have managed the crisis well.

    Naturally I invite everyone to drop by my blog and read a few posts. The consequences should be gratifying to anyone seeking to acquire an advanced case of PTSD in order to secure disability insurance payments.

    You should have no worries, however, that I will stalk you — the courts have already ordered me to cease and desist from my habits — twice.

    Thanks again for the kind shout out, K! I probably will never be invited back.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I don’t see why not!

      PTSD traits don’t scare me one bit!

      Besides, I love your sense of humor!Warped as it might be!
      Notice, I didn’t say “AS WARPED as it is”- there’s no absolute in that sentence! 🤣

      The truth is the truth and more people should call it like they see it!

      Oh stalking!
      Nothing like a good stalking to open one’s eyes to how great one is!
      Thank you for the compliment. And it was my pleasure to feature you in this weeks K’s blog recommendations!

      Blog on!

      I’ll be looking over my shoulder for you!😉


    2. I’ll be there, of course, passionately begging you to read my posts. It’s my way of caring in a world that I feel is too often indifferent to people.

      Thanks for the fine compliments!

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    3. Oh you noticed that too! That’s one of the things we are all out to change! One blog post, one person, one grin, one hug, at a time!
      And even a smarty pants comment now and then!
      Who knows we might just change the world! ❤️🌎❤️

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  2. Thank you so much for including one of my blog posts and also giving us a wonderful opportunity to go through the other great links.You are a good samaritan,always cheerful,kind hearted,encouragingand making us aware of with those wonderful blogger,hitherto, I would have never known.Thanks again.

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    1. You are welcome! Wowser! I’m blushing! Yes over 50 and I still do that! What a glowing compliment filled comment! It literally makes my heart sing.
      Your blog is wonderful and unique! It deserves to be shared so that others can enjoy it too!

      Just what I strive to do… spread positivity and inspiration around the world!

      Have you signed up to be a writer/ blogger for Success Inspirers? If not that might be a perfect opportunity for you!

      I look forward to sharing more of your creativity. Blog on
      Hugs – K



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