Help Me Grow My Blog Thoughts! 8.22.18

My SIWO co- board member and blog friend, Faniran is diligently working on our Instagram presence!

He came up with an excellent idea!

Philosophy, helpful, insightful and inspiring picture quotes posts!

Talk about #winning!!

☀️☀️A bright picture!

☀️☀️A positive message!

☀️☀️Short philosophical messages creatively presented.

This combination


WILL GET YOU noticed!

One of the struggles?

Continuously coming up with fresh quotes, new material!?!?

Originality is awesome!!

But… I can only produce an “original” quote, Instagram worthy about twice a year!

Ha ha! Hey, it is what it is!


Finding new material will keep you running!

I have one solution!

1) sign up or download extra motivation with a great daily motivational app or email generator! Or both!

Actually there are TWO benefits!

1) Great for your Instagram!

2) An influx of positivity into your brain keeps you in a more positive mindset.

Personally, I know it helps me!

Whatever you decide to post. No matter the message you want to portray.

I wish you great success on your journey.


Kind Regards and

#winning – K

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