All Natural & Free Anxiety reversal trick

My all time Favorite-

**Feeling anxious?

Hold you index finger about belly button level.

Close you eyes.

Slowly rotate your finger in a circle clockwise.

Feel the circle you are creating and your mind panic/ anxiety connect.

If you pick up the speed of your index finger clockwise motion, does your panic/anxiety increase?


Then slowly start rotating your index finger counter clockwise. (The opposite direction, silly), Your anxiousness should start to slow, then stop.

Take some deep breaths.

Keep practicing this!

Eventually, you can be in a room full of people and barely move your finger, so no one even notices if you need to use it!

Now you have a “carry it with you”, anxiety buster!

Did you try it?

Did it work?

Please, let me know!!

Kind Regards and

de-stressing- K

I’m not a doctor nor psychiatrist, this is one of the tricks I read about a couple of years ago. It may not work for everyone. But I hope it works for you! 😘

**Technique from-

the book “The Anti-anxiety Toolkit”

Rapid Techniques to Rewire the Brain

Author- Melissa Tiers

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