STOP the Presses!

So I just received a disturbing message from my aunt!

The WHERE the COWS STILL PLAY book, I wrote and published, in the revision, she received…. the first 14 pages are UPSIDE DOWN!

Amazon purchase link

Is this where the fun begins?


1). I have asked for my aunts numbers from her book, and any dates. I am hoping to narrow down exactly when she ordered it. Also, I requested any documentation of the date it was shipped.

2). I have contacted AMAZON. (24 hrs for response?)

3). I believe I will download another proof.

THIS IS Unknown territory!

I ENJOY a good challenge but… 😳

4) I just reviewed unit/books shipped.

5) Remember!!

I made final revisions early Sunday morning on September 9.


6) On September 9, two books shipped.

7) Then another two books shipped September 10th.

8) I know, the first 9, earlier in the week, were ok.

9) I have downloaded my proof, it looks perfect.


☕️Have you experienced this?

☕️As always, comments welcome!


Haiku for this moment.

Waiting for the word.

Heartbeat is rapid and loud.

Breathe, focus, succeed.


Kind Regards

and fingers crossed – K


(Photo and quote from Text2Pic app)

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