Muted like late Fall Colors

It’s not for wimps,

Taking a twelve year

Old, 90 lb husky

For a ride,

When he’s panicked

To go bye bye or

Prepping your mind

To move yourself and him,

After half a lifetime

To a southern state.

So many things happening

In a life which has had

So many things happen.

YES! I’ve lived!

Until late,

When I’ve been on hold

After so many years

Of being so bold!

On hold, stagnant.


I recall a woman,

Outspoken, hair flowing

As her head is thrown

Back laughing.

I know, my beloved

Husky and I

Will find her

On our journey.

She’s out there waiting

To be found.

Or perhaps,

she is my

Driving force

Behind our change.

Never lost,

Simply muted,

And rejuvenating,

While awaiting the

Universe to reveal

A pathway to

Our next adventure.


“Within each of us lies the power to be the person we remember, before the darkness.” – K


Kind Regards and #winning- K

โ˜€๏ธ Photography compliments and copyrighted by K of TheBlackWallBlog 11/2018.

13 thoughts on “Muted like late Fall Colors

  1. Journey with a trusted dog is perfect way to go. Like that divorce almost 40 years ago when I loaded up my ’72 Cutlass with what I could and my yellow lab and drove off into the sunset. Little did I know it was a sunrise full of new promise free of the darkness behind.

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    1. congrats to you.

      18 years ago i moved here to Washington State from Califonria – about 1200 miles – my grand adventure with my then fiance [we married 6 weeks later].

      Life is an adventure ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Though we remember what was before the darkness, and we wish to return there to those happier times. I once found myself in this thought a good fews years back. I took a paper and pen to analyse it further to conclude that i have changed so much, that even if thoses days were better , i just wouldnt wanna go there. Cause i have changed too much , and even uf there us pain, but i am stronger , wiser, experienced, and well going back isnt moving forward it is getting stuck… but is my personal conclusion..

    I loved your poem it took me right back..

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