Life’s questions?

He reached over, whispered, “I’ve loved you for years.”, then kissed her.

A bolt of lightning kiss, sparking electrifying excitement down to her toes.

Chuckling aloud, she looked up from her novel, “What a crock!”, she thought!

Did real romance, true love, really exist, anymore?

Earthshaking kisses?

Lifetime committed relationships?

Best friends, lovers, life partners, open communication, handholding, gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes?

Romantic walks along the beach? Hikes through the woods?

Together, weathering the tough, reveling and embracing the good.

Truth or fiction?

Thinking of the two people who have been by my side for a long time. One, almost twenty years, the other over four. Both, true friends, totally honest. Without games. Always there.

Perhaps, it does exist.


Kind Regards and #winning – K

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