K’s Blog Recommendations 11.25.18

Good morning!

Where did the week go?

I’m still sorting through 4 generations of “stuff”, preparing for my move.

I may just have a case of clean out- burn out! 🙈😳

Note to self: When and if I ever need to do this again, definitely hire help!


I apologize for this post being late. 🤗


How is everyone?

Did you have a wonderful Thanksgiving? A close friend of mine, drove 3 hours to bring me a lovely dinner. You cannot put a price tag on quality time!



Now, another best part of this week, sharing the talented, creative, unique blogs, I have visited.

❤️I hope you enjoy them as much as I did! ❤️


























Watch for SIWO’s Weekly MEET and GREET Saturday’s ! ( This week it will be Sunday), and runs all week! See you there

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PLUS be featured on K’s weekly list!



Kind Regards and looking forward to more quality time with you – K

K is the author and one of the contributing photographers for Where the Cows Still Play.

A fabulous Coffee table book- Christmas 🎁!

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7 thoughts on “K’s Blog Recommendations 11.25.18

  1. I had a good week. When the sorting is done, you will be so happy you did it. Burnout is for real! If you can’t finish now, I recommend that you mark the boxes as unsorted. If you never open them when it is time to unpack, you probably will never miss them. (Just a thought.) It’s severely hard work!! ❤

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