Made it! Part 1 -shared 12.15.18

The truck was packed up on last Saturday!

My daughter and I, though over tired, decided it was best to leave at 4:30pm and get a head start on our trip.

Even a couple hours would help.

There was a big snowstorm due in North Carolina. Our goal was to time it just right, so that we weren’t traveling in the brunt of it! 😳

The first night we stayed in Hartford Connecticut after traveling only about one hour and 45 minutes.

The second day we literally made it about 36 miles out of Fredericksburg Virginia before we hit that lovely white stuff! At that time the storm had shutdown our final destination in North Carolina!

Thankfully my daughter had planned ahead and had reservations in Fredericksburg.

Tired but thankful to be there, through snowflakes as large as your big toe. We pulled into our hotel at the perfect time!

Above, the watchful eye of my co-pilot! chief

Below, my backseat driver!


More tomorrow…


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