1.29.19 AHHH WIFI AND LIFE! (2 min read)

febuary girls t-shirt


Finally, I am back!

So much has happened, I will attempt to give you the Reader’s Digest version:

First of all I would like to say, I have missed every single one of you. Sounds crazy, but I love being a part of the blogging family!  Sending out warm wishes and K hugs all around!!  🙂

I am finally  moved into my new apartment! Thank you very much to my daughter, her new hubby and brothers! Happy dance going on here!!

7penske truck 1.27.2019

Back in the country again! Yes! Troutman, NC is a little bit country.

When I walk the dogs early in the morning, I can hear the cows mooing down the street!

Abby and Chief, feel quite at home! Lot’s of grass, space and a whole lot of new smells. What more could a beloved fur child ask for?

chief and abby exploring at their new house

These last few days have been  frustrating, eye-opening and a celebratory time.

Celebration: Moved and a whole bedroom of boxes to explore! Wifi is back! We feel extremely at home in our new place. One neighbor even brought me some of his specialty chicken as a welcome to the neighborhood! Too cool!

My grandaughter started a new Christian private school yesterday! A glorious opportunity for her to receive a wonderful education!

Eye opening:  I have a new primary physician! He was very intelligent and I loved the overall feel of the office. They called me “Miss K”.

I got my overdue eye exam done. New glasses on the way!

One downside, I have the beginning stages of cataracts! A bit of a scare for me.  Macular degeneration is hereditary, and when my grandmother, soon after retirement had one of hers removed, she lost her sight in that eye. With an inoperable cataract in the other eye eventually she became legally blind. Something, I have had a subconscious fear of for over twenty years.

Frustration: I have one daily medication that I take, that I am having a difficult time finding a doctor to prescribe. It is not controlled in North Carolina as it was up North. The frustrating aspect- I have to somehow prove I am not a drug addict! Guilty until you prove yourself innocent. To prove one’s innocence you have to get an appointment.  That is the challenge! No one will let me in the door so that I can do so. I will NOT give up, I cant! But definitely a PIA!!

#Winning: I AM HERE! 

I am getting settled!

My dreams are coming true.

blue skies 15.19

Blue skies babee!!

A click from my walk at the new place the other night!

red sky sunset with copyright from my second day here!!


“With confidence you have won even before you have started.” – Marcus Garvey

Since I have arrived at this part of my life journey, I have proven, once again, push on through your panic and you can live the life you deserve!!

Just close your eyes and DO IT!

Kind Regards and #winning – K





12 thoughts on “1.29.19 AHHH WIFI AND LIFE! (2 min read)

  1. Hi there.

    I stumbled upon this blog post while trying to catch up on reading entries. I saw it reblogged to Success Inspire’s World and your warm, open style of writing leapt out at me.

    Congratulations on your successful move! It’s so wonderful you’re happy with where you are, and your neighbors sound absolutely wonderful. In my mind, when you mentioned cows mooing down the road, I’m envisioning wide open fields, wooden cabins and dirt roads. And I don’t say that as an insult, because that’s just the most amazing country scene ever for me. Couldn’t live there because no public transit, but vacationing in places like that have always been fond memories in my life.

    What leapt out at me most though was your talk of cataracts and your fear of possibly becoming legally blind. I am blind, and I have lived with blindness my whole life, even though I had much better sight as a child. I’m not going to say, ‘Don’t worry, it’s easy!’ Because that’s not true, especially if you’ve always lived with sight. But I will extend a hand and offer a shoulder for you to take and lean on as you go through this journey, in case you have any questions or fears I may be able to eradicate. It may never come to the legal blindness, and for your sake, I hope it doesn’t. But I’m hoping having someone who lives this life every day might help.

    Be well, and God bless.

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    1. What a wonderful comment you have made my day. It’s so nice to hear from you. I appreciate the offer of support more than you can ever know. After my father passed I was responsible for my mother who is legally blind so I know the trials and tribulations that she went through. Being a totally independent person it was not in her nature to have to depend on others. But legally blind or not she played a mean game of Scrabble!
      I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday and I look forward to rest chatting more soon! ❤️


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