#Winning 2.28.2019

Good morning.

Twelve days of hell so far.

Prescription anxiety

medication detoxing

Has caused me daily

Pins and needles in my feet and hands, night sweats, tunnel vision, migraines, high blood pressure, rapid heart rate to name a few and Tuesday, vertigo appeared.

I haven’t been able to drive all this time. Hell, taking the dogs out and attempting to maintain some sort of daily schedule has been an extreme effort.

Since my normal blood pressure runs low, with the high blood pressure and vertigo, my doctor felt it was best for me to come right in for a check up.

Luckily, I have very nice neighbors. One drove me to my appointment.

The appointment went well. It was a relief to know there were no major health threats.

I am not a drug abuser.

I have been on one certain med for a very long time. Long term use can have some harmful side effects, so my new primary care physician decided it was best that I change medications.

Today, I awoke and felt better. 😁

Hopping in the shower, I made up my mind it was time to take a leap through the anxiety wall.

I wrote one thing on a post-I- note, that I needed at the grocery store. My goal? At least get to the store and purchase that one item!

While in the shower I played the scene in my mind. I smiled as I saw myself succeeding! Go me!

As I am writing I am looking at the 5 things I actually picked up!


Happy dance!

One goal!

One step towards #winning!

Today, do just one thing.

Pick one tiny thing that will help you move forward.

Then do it!

Then celebrate!

You are #winning!

Kind Regards and hugs – K

11 thoughts on “#Winning 2.28.2019

  1. Happy Monday, March 4- Be Blessed to prioritize and take one step at a time one day at a time. Happy Women’s Month- Winning- That was a prayer I wrote 3/3/2019

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