Locked in a Haze 3.22.2019

If anyone had told me 2 months ago this is how I would be spending today, I would have laughed at them.

But, here I am. In a hazy zone of .75 of lorazepam away of being free of over 20 years of medicinal prescription Xanax.

Not abused, but fighting the fight of panic and anxiety.

Day 3 in of this step and I’m living through swollen eyelids of fuzzy vision, achy joints, burning muscles and fog brain. Rather like driving down a road through thick fog on the dead of night in a downpour.

You can barely see to make your way home. Yet, you are determined to do just that!

As I am, determined to make my way home!

Get through this damn process!

Claim my life back!

Has it been just over a month?

Cripes! It feels likes it’s been a year!!

I’m not whining, though I would love to, ha ha! πŸ˜‰

Keep those prayers coming! I’m headed for the home stretch…

Watch out, I’m coming home!



Kind Regards and love to all – K

Photography copyrighted and compliments of K of theBlackWallBlog!

16 thoughts on “Locked in a Haze 3.22.2019

  1. It feels like if I can do it anyone can because for me giving up all Pharmaceuticals was so long ago. But it wasn’t easy and often I wanted to give up. But for a few great friends that encouraged me and prayed for me we got through it. I am fervently praying for you now.

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  2. Hang in there! You are an inspiration. I used to work as a mental health nurse in wards and in the community and know how challenging coming off medication is. Remember to relax as well, balance the yin and the yang. πŸ™‚

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  3. Ur smile is my motivation ur blogs are my inspiration. Medication is just in hand, all your thoughts and determination is in your mind.

    Look onto yourself how smart and strong you are. These medications are just a hazzy stuff to deter u from who really you are.

    Doctors mented money from you, making you feel you can’t leave without them o dude. Prove them wrong my dear K. All you u need is your own strength and our love all the way..

    Love and hugs to you..

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