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Happy Monday!

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Ahh! Yes! It’s that time!

Time to share some links from those that follow instructions in the SIWO Meet & Greet πŸ˜‰, along with more of my new favorites !

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Who wants to join my journey?

I’m searching for a person or two or three, who would like to join me in this journey.

What are you passionate about? Photography? Food? Self help? Writing? Coaching? Or?

It’s time to take this blog to the next level.

I’ve just started on a premium level.

There are so many ideas. Unfortunately I am only one person. Darn it.

Challenges, contests, recipes, more oomph, marketing, selling?

If this sounds like you?

Drop me a note in the comment section.

Don’t be shy.

I have a Theme idea, but would love to partner with somebody who is innovative, creative. You know who you are!!

Looking forward to seeing who YOU ARE!!??

“To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities.”
-Bruce Lee


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Fun with the IPhone X 3.8.19

So exciting!

Received my new I phone yesterday! Easiest conversion ever from my 7 to the X!

Did a little research, in it’s current condition, I can get $106 for my old phone from Decluttr versus $95 from Verizon!

It certainly pays to shop around!



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Healthy is GREAT! But…. A Challenge to My Health Conscious Friends 2.13.2019

no matter how slow you go 2.13.19 blog post saying


Live healthy!! Eat right!


This supplement helps with this and that and also gives a boost to, etc…

Take this med to help with your anxiety… GREAT! NOT!!

These days, so many individuals are suffering from high blood pressure! Almost every

healthy supplement states- will help lower your blood pressure.

Fantastic, RIGHT?


There are some of us who have a naturally low blood pressure.

Mine happens to be around 90/60!

If I lower it anymore, I’ll be on the floor!Β  ha!

My standard heart rate equals 57. Not too bad, eh?


Walking around in a dazed, weakened stupor is not only dangerous


Interestingly enough, as most of my friends are being told to watch their salt intake,

I have instructions to increase mine. Hey! What can I say? SORRY!

Much like my dad, I have always been a pepper lover!! If it’s not covered in black,

delectable, coarse speckles, it needs more!Β  πŸ˜‰


Yesterday, for Valentine’s day and my 57th (eek!) birthday, I had a scheduled primary care visit.

**He is literally taking me off my 12 year anti-anxiety regiment ofΒ  1.5 xanax in am, .5- 2 hours later, .5- 2 hours later and .5 at bedtime- cold turkey and switching me to 1mg of lorazepam twice per day, and upping my 25 mg Topiramate to twice per day.Β 

I checked with the local pharmacist. She is not impressed that he is having me quit xanax cold turkey, but said is should not be life threatening. GOOD NEWS!

Unfortunately, I will be experiencing withdrawals. OH SHUCKS!

I am researching, things to have on hand for healthy cleansing/nutritious smoothies, hydration and whatever else I can find.


Here is THE CHALLENGE for all my

HEALTH CONSCIOUS friends out there:

Find me some healthy lifestyle foods and smoothies,

that will “NOT DECREASE” my blood pressure,Β 


Β Any HELPFUL TIPS you can give me, to get through this transition

will be way beyond appreciated. (I am literally scared sh*tless)


Anxiously, awaiting your comments!!


Kind Regards and Happy Friday- K









Your Balls Are About Useless 2.9.2019

head in the clouds with copyright

Now, first of all, GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER!Β  Β πŸ˜‰

I like to try different products. Particularly things that might be friendlier to the environment and I like to be frugal.

Example: I have a reusable mesh coffee filter instead of continuously buying the “one use only”,Β  paper coffee filters. Win! Win for frugal and obviously decreases the amount of garbage I produce etc…

Static cling is a pain!Β  Unfortunately, I am allergic to scented dryer sheets and generally buy the hypo allergenic kind.

Two weeks ago, doing my regular monthly online Walmart shopping, I stumbled upon a product that I had heard ofΒ  but had not tried – “Dryer balls”. This particular brand was rubber, not my favorite option, but the price was right, so I decided what the heck.

dryer balls 2.9.19

The first drying experience was okay. A bit of static but didn’t seem to be quite as much. Since then, I am up to 3 balls in my dryer. There is still static cling, perhaps not as bad as usual.Β  I am not sure if it is the weather or the balls. Obviously, I am not happy with the results.

YES! I am going to attempt to buy another kind. After all, it’s not a true experiment if one doesn’t follow through and execute a variety of variables.

On a scale of 1-10, ten being A++ and one being F-, I give these a 2.

Has anyone else had success with trying this type of balls?

Please, let me know.


NOO!Β  I could not write this quick little post with a straight face…Β  πŸ˜‰


Happy chuckling Saturday!


Kind Regards and #winning – K