Reblog Six-word—Story Jirogers -Commitment

“Fine tune” your writing skills while having fun!


☀️ Stick around, see what happens next!

☀️Nothing! Can destroy our everlasting friendship.

☀️ Look over your shoulder, I’m there.

☀️Truth not lies, create strong bonds!

☀️The BEST DAM coffee you’ll find!

☀️It happened when we said hello.

☀️ Want the house? Sign right here. 😳

☀️You can ALWAYS call your mom!


Why don’t you try it?

Looking forward to your six-word-story fun!

Kind Regards- K


JIROGERS six-word-story challenge “K”

☀️Kooky Kallie Kicked Kevin’s knobby knees.


☀️Kiln kielbasa, kale, kiwi kabobs kill!


They said it couldn’t be done! 😎

Who’s going to try kicking butt?


Kind Regards – K

JIROGERS Six-Word-story -Challenge- “G”

🐾Golly Gee, George! Goodness! Get going!

🐾Gradually, grass gained

guarded garden ground!


YOU try it! Ha! Ha!

🐾Giant green groomed grass grew gradually.

Vermont the

Green Mountain state!


“Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day. “


Kind Regards and chuckling- K

Photography © and shared

By K 10/18

Let’s Write! Right?

Today my mind wonders,

As I wander a forest’s path.

Wearing my pondering


Where shall I go?

My soul, my essence

A piece of me,

Is searching for peace.

It seems,

My seams are bursting

With yearning.

I am startled,

As a deer crosses my path.

A doe followed by

Two dear little fawns.

None captured my scent.

Due to the mist

Of heaven sent rain.

Thankful, I walked today

Or I could have missed

Such a wonderful sight.

Heading home,

I mentally note the site.

Had I not chosen,

This jaunt

Their presence,

Only one of nature’s

Glorious presents,

Would have gone unnoticed,

In my backyard wood.

Kind Regards as I send a shout out for your homonym word play – K



Photography © and compliments of K 9.2018.

New host for “WHICH WAY” Photography Challenge!

Which Way Challenge: September 27, 2018

Son of a beach 96″, has taken over the challenge from CEE!!

We are so happy since it’s one of our favorites!

❤️(And one of the reasons we even thought to publish “Where the Cows Still Play“- available on Amazon)

Road Trippin’ around

New England!

Be sure and hop on over and join the fun!

Kind Regards – K


Photography copyrighted and compliments of K !

Six-Word Story Challenge – “Quest”

Six-Word Story Challenge – “Quest”
— Read on

☀️Forty years later two friends reunite.

☀️Blue skies, sunshine and old memories!

Gotta, join in for six-word-story fun!

Kind Regards

and smiling- K

Reblog Six-word Story Challenge 9.1.18

😳Experiencing queasiness, he announced the topic.

😳Green was once my favorite color.

😳I’m never sick of six-word-story challenges.

😳Inclement weather docks fishing boat excursion.


Six-word-story challenges are always such fun!

This topic, was hard to swallow! 🤨


A fun writing exercise!

Please try it, IF YOU DARE!


Kind Regards and eww- K


JIROGERS Six-word-story Challenge – Road Trip

These are a blast!

Do you feel your posts are too lengthy?

Like me, are you a rambler?

Have fun with this!

Refine your skills!

Increase your vocabulary!

Hug your thesaurus!


Here are my thoughts on this:

Car packed, radio cranked, they headed.”- K

“Camera, music and back country roads.”- K

“Driving to find the rainbow’s end .” – K

“She drove Interstates heading toward unknowns.” – K

“My companions? Two dogs and you.” – K

“The universe beckoned. His car followed.” – K

” We’re heading towards our mountain spot.” – K

Your turn! Why not try it?


Kind Regards – K

🦉🦉Photography compliments and copyrighted by BGage and K of TheBlackWallBlog.

June Photography Challenge With a Six-Word Story 7.29.18

Scrolling through my favorite blogs,

I noticed Cee’s photography had posted a list of Blog challenges.

One grabbed my attention- A “quarterly” Photography challenge by

“The Life of B”.

For June: #RoofSquares

The Life of B will post their next challenge in September, 2018!

Watch for it!

Until then, our belated rooftop photos.

Combined, with Six-Word-Story: late.😄

“June challenge joined in late July.”- K

“She couldn’t unspeak the spoken words.” – K

Photo by Butch Davis 7.2018

“Butch almost missed the moon rising.” – K

“As I worried, the day passed.” – K

Photo by Butch Davis 7.2018

“Remember when farming was our life?” – K

Photo by BGage 7.2018

“The bride missed her own wedding.” – K

Photo by K at TheBlackWallBlog 6.2018

“The fox had long since gone.” – K

“I should have joined you, yesterday.” – K

That was really fun! 

I hope you enjoyed it too!


Do YOU have a favorite challenge or two? 

If so, we would love to hear about it/them! 

Feel free to post them in our comments!

Picture 176

“No matter what people tell you, words

       and ideas can change the world.”

– Robin Williams



Kind Regards and 

       never a dull moment - K



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**Photography compliments and copyrighted by BDavis, BGage and K. 2018.

Reblog Fun Six Word story – COVERT

“She cried quietly after everyone left. ” – K

“Renaming a casserole enhanced their appetites. “- K

“Macaroni and Cheese became Macaroni surprise” -K

“The above is a true story.”-K

“Motherhood, opens numerous creative opportunity windows.”- K

Six word stories!

“Have you attempted to write one?”

“Jump right in, give it a try!”



Photography without the challenge- signs

Welcome one and all!

While welcoming with lots of country charm, traveling around New England you discover there are a whole lot of Routes.

Welcoming Summer

With a yearly tradition:

Our favorite creamy spot!

Raspberry/Vanilla swirl, please!

Confusing signs. 🤔

What IS a flaghole ?

I googled it. Zip, Nada!

If you stumble onto a definition, please drop me a note! 🦉

What’s in your signage collection?

Do share! We would love a ping back!


Kind Regards and here’s you sign- K


Photography compliments of BGage and a little help from K.

Six Word Challenge – reblog

Subject: Catastrophe

“Single lighted match sparked, house destroyed.”

– K

“Bruised ego blackens eye man arrested” – K

“Texting Grandfather crosses line, granddaughter injured ” – K

“Covered bridge reveals

light at end.” – K

“Oh, I have to stop this!” – K


Yuppers! Six word stories, totally addicted!

Okay jirogers guess it’s time to add a warning label to your posts. Ha ha!

Have a go!

Beware , may cause six-word story brainstorm! 🤔


“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”

-Albert Einstein

From the Motivation app


Kind Regards and taking a breather – K


☀️ photography compliments of BGage.☀️

Reblog – jirogers Six Word story 7.13.18

As I still struggle with my run-on sentences and wordy articles. This challenge is a fabulous chance to play with words.

“Practice creating short concise imaginative content.”

Give it a try! 😁😎

“Chopped trees create homes or firewood.” – K

“She wept when her home sold.” – K

“Dogs and clothes packed, she left.” – K

“Fresh coffee awakens a new day.” – K

“He never called nor contacted her.” – K


Your turn.

“Fluffy Clouds drift aimlessly then dissipate.”- K


Kind Regards and loving

A great challenge- K

6 word story challenge 7.3.18

Today’s 6 word story challenge topic – Holstein

“Holsteins grazing quietly in the field.”

“Life simplified in black and white.”

Give it a try!

Feel free to share your link or comment on my page!

I’m still practicing!


Kind Regards

and looking

forward to

your creativity – K

Photography compliments of BGage photography 7.2018