Challenge-JIRogers Six-word-story – Cringe

JIRogers is getting ready to publish another book!

(He even re-tweeted mine!)

DO YOU, want to become more adept at writing concise sentences?

THIS challenge represents the “perfect” practice!

πŸ“š πŸ“– πŸ“š πŸ“– πŸ“š πŸ“– πŸ“š πŸ“– πŸ“š

πŸ“™ YOU have “GOT” to be kidding!

πŸ“™ Eight Supervisor panel, job interview today!

πŸ“™ Making coffee, four hours before alarm!

πŸ“™ Lady sends money to online boyfriend!

πŸ“™ Barefoot, I found old dog’s accident. 🀬

Your turn, give it a try!

I’m looking forward to your comments! πŸ“š

Kind Regards and

#winning -K


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Can You Hear Me? 9.20.18

Last week was

National Suicide Prevention Week.

So many people

On numerous social sites,

Posted their support,

The hot lines.

Did you absorb

What it’s truly about?

Did you actually read

And understand the signs?


Can you hear me

Begging for help

By my silence?

Did you notice

I’m keeping to myself

These days?

Have you seen a dullness

That replaced a sparkle

In my eyes?

Have you wondered

About my flash anger

When there’s nothing

For me to be mad about?

Can you tell

By my hollowed cheeks

And clothing grown too big,

That I’ve lost my appetite?

Can you hear the silence,

Since I stopped answering

my phone?

Have you noticed

Dirty coffee mugs

In my sink,

Piled higher each day?

Do you see

The unopened bills

Stacked higher, on

The kitchen table?

You say I’m so strong.

Can work thru anything.

Yes, once I was!

I’ve searched

For my strength,

It’s disappeared.

Can you hear me?

The dogs can.

No worries,

They’ll alert the neighbors

Once I’m gone.

Will you look back,

And hear me then?


Make sure you know

What to look for,

take notice of your

Friends and family.

If their is an

Unexplained behavioral


Don’t just chalk it up,

To your knowledge

There has been

” a little” extra stress

In their life.

In a calm manner,

Ask questions.

Remember, just because

They’ve weathered tough

times before, doesn’t mean

this time it’s the same.

Everything maybe okay!

They may just be stumbling

Right now.

But if you don’t ask

The questions

How will you know

For sure?

Kind Regards and hugs – K


Today I’m Going

Today, I’m going

to cry.

Release tears

held back,

way too long.

Today, I’m going

to feel the hurt.

Allowing my hidden

anguish, anger, and

frustration to flow.

In salty tears

streaming down

my cheeks.

I will finally,

let you go.

Today, I’m going

to start to heal.

Crying from

my broken heart,

While exposing

raw pain,

living deep

within this soul.

Should definitely

let me go.


Have you tried their creative writing trigger?


Kind Regards – K

Mom’s America Has Forgotten

Happy Thursday!

Yes, today is K’s Blog recommendation day, I’m working on them. Stay tuned!


In the last year, something I FEARED was true.

Has PROVED to be true!


That’s right.

WHO are they?

The majority seem to be woman in their 50s.

Educated, smart, witty and funny.

They have raised their children and are now experiencing empty nest syndrome.

In their 20s, 30s and 40s, they kicked ass and beat down the doors so that their daughters could have the same pay as their male co-workers.

Whether it be due to illness, businesses closing or?

They are struggling.

Suddenly, due to their age, they aren’t quick to be employable anymore. (Yup that’s illegal) but still true!

Because, they don’t have children at home nor have a drinking or drug problem…

They are not eligible for most state or federal programs

They can get, possibly, assistance (approximately 10%), in fuel and electric.

I know there ARE some financial programs to help with medical. ONE plus !

Their homes are ALMOST paid for, and they may drive a nice car.

OOPS! sorry, that’s too much value for any type of assistance!

They can get some groceries at the local food bank. TWO in the plus column!

They are too YOUNG, to touch their retirements without a large decrease in the monthly payment plus will experience a 10- 20% tax hit for withdrawing before retirement age.

They have most likely taken care of and buried both parents.

Grandparents are gone.

Their children don’t want them in their home because they still have the “family” pets! Or they just don’t care! (Sad, but true!)

These loving mom’s have helped their children, when they could.

And suddenly,


What’s the answer?

1) Take a 15 dollar an hour cut in pay to work and still not be able to cover their bills?

2) Become alcoholics and drug addicts so they are more likely to be eligible for state federal help?

That’s if they don’t end up living on the street first!

These smart savvy women are selling everything they can.

Researching the internet for passive incomes and praying!

Some are opening their homes and renting rooms.

Hoping they don’t get screwed over by a tenant that doesn’t pay or destroys half their house!

( That last one comes from personal experience! I’m still attempting to fix the damage on a zero budget so I can rent again!)

THEY/WE are fighters!


So America, I ask YOU!

What ARE YOU GOING to do about it?


Kind Regards

And kicking & screaming -K


Pic and quote compliments of Text2Pic app.

Reblog- JIRogers six-word-story Challenge- wind

β˜€οΈBlowing in, to play the game.

β˜€οΈSailing away, across white capped waves.

β˜€οΈHurrying, she blew right on by.

β˜€οΈShowing respect, treetops bowed their heads.

β˜€οΈDang! There goes my wig again!

β˜€οΈOur Flag saluted our fallen comrades.

β˜€οΈDorothy stole her Aunt’s farm house.

Have you ever tried six-word-story challenges?

Please, join in! Have some fun!

Kind Regards and feeling the breeze – K


I DID IT! I’m published!

What a glorious journey!

Worth every gray hair, 14 hour day, and nail biting moment!

Where the Cows Still Play

Is available in paperback on!!

Author- Kallie Knight

Photographer- Brian Gage!

It is available in Kindle too. But it does NOT do it justice!

It’s meant to be a Coffee table book. Excellent for gift giving.

The photographs in the book are vivid! Not a Kindle trait.

Though the cover is not exactly what we had blogged.


I chose a Matte finish. A nice offset, to my chosen bright white pages. (Superb photo quality!)

Since receiving my copy, I’ve gone in and changed the ink color and font on on the back cover.

A much easier process than I believed it was to be.

THEN late yesterday;

I received the best FB PM.

One of my High school, classmates from many moons ago, who now lives in Florida.

Sent me a picture of herself, gigantic grin on her face, as she held up my book!

That my friends, was definitely, “A Moment of Moo”!

The last line of a couple of prose pages are skewed to the left a bit.

I’m calling it character.

Though, if enough people disagree, I may go in and fix them.

By doing that, anyone who has an original, we shall deem it a collector’s copy.

No, I am not being cocky, just enjoying the journey.

For the first time in years, I am embracing this new found feeling of freedom.

Totally unencumbered!

I tip my hat to the regularly published writers. How DO they DO it?

My best friend and photographer is inspired by this book I published.

He has already started shooting for another.

Including, clicks with an extremely close view of a very large AND active beehive! 🐝 🐝 Yikes!

For me, Where the Cows Still Play, is proof that if you want something bad enough and are willing to do “whatever it takes”. You will always be #winning!

I believe, if I can do it, so can you!


Kind Regards and believing in you – K


Where the Cows Still Play on Sale on Amazon

Depression 9.3.18

Dark clouds of bleakness


It’s evil gnarled fingers

Grabbed for my

Exposed ankle.

I fought to climb upwards.

Upwards towards

A glorious deep blue sky.

I screamed, “HELP ME!”

No one was near.

My cry for help

Was consumed

By a hole of nothingness.

Dark clouds of bleakness


It grasped my foot.

I felt myself starting to


Above, sunshine appeared,

It’s golden rays


My outstretched hand.

Slowly, the sunshine

Inched me upwards.

The dark clouds of

bleakness lost it’s hold.

Swiftly, plummeted

And out of sight.

I awoke, to find the

early morning sun

shining through my

bedroom window.


Kind Regards and #winning – K

Reblog Six-word Story Challenge 9.1.18

😳Experiencing queasiness, he announced the topic.

😳Green was once my favorite color.

😳I’m never sick of six-word-story challenges.

😳Inclement weather docks fishing boat excursion.


Six-word-story challenges are always such fun!

This topic, was hard to swallow! 🀨


A fun writing exercise!

Please try it, IF YOU DARE!


Kind Regards and eww- K


JIROGERS six-word-story challenge-NAP

😴 Challenge! Fine tune your writing skills.

πŸŽ“ Checking for eyelid pinholes at noon.

πŸŽ“ Number one on dog’s daily checklist.

πŸŽ“ Infant wins face first porridge contest!

πŸŽ“ One thing in life still free!

πŸŽ“ Bought tickets to mid-afternoon snooze fest!

πŸŽ“ Have pillow. Will travel to dreamland.

πŸŽ“ In a flash, three hours passed.

πŸŽ“ Dancing to music, in my mind.

As you can see, I’m practicing.

Try a six word story challenge!


Happy Hump day!


Kind Regards – K

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First photo compliments of Butch Davis, Copyright 2018.

How to Improve your Blog thoughts 8.24.18

1) reblogging and sharing others posts.

My goal:

I want my posts to have more substance, to be more concise.

It takes practice!

jirogers posts a new subject, almost daily for a Six-Word-Story challenge!

He includes a fantastic example with each one!

I bet you are thinking-

A story in SIX words??

Holy cow!


Today’s theme = Argh!

Best practice;

a) Read his six-word-story!

b) Reblog his post into draft mode.

c) Grab a notebook.

d) Using his subject/theme of the day.

Challenge yourself to create at least 2 six-word-stories.

Think of some real life scenarios.

e) Start writing descriptions of what happened.

Play with the words, continuously decrease the word count.

Grab a thesaurus! (My bible)

Don’t give up!

If you need to walk away for a bit.

GO For it!

It CAN be frustrating.

Change your mindset to: THIS IS FUN!

I promise the world WILL NOT come to an end if your first 20 attempts are not perfect! (Or 30 or 40, like me) Ha Ha!


f) You have created one, now two!


g) Add them to your saved draft.

Tomorrow you will create more! I promise!

Practice makes what?

h) If you want, add the story of your process to your draft.

How did you feel, when you started?

How did it feel, when you created one you liked?

i) Challenge your blogging buddies to try it too!



I’m still learning.

I am totally addicted!

My submissions for


1) Kitchen mopped, in came muddy dogs.

2) Early morning coffee brewing without grounds!

3) Running late, dressed quickly, shoes mismatched.

4) Frantically journaling brainstorm, with ink-less pen.

5) Writing blog draft accidentally hit publish!


Your turn, give it a try!


Kind Regards and right there with you learning everyday – K

If I was Going to Write a Book

If I was going to write a book,

You’d be there.

If I was going to write a book,

All the places we’ve been

Would play their role.

If I was going to write a book,

I’d want it to have a happy ending.


Now that I’ve decided to write a book,

You’ll be there.

Now that I’ve decided to write a book,

All the places we’ve been

Will play their role.

Now that I’ve decided to write a book,

Whether the ending

Be happy or

Be it sad.

It will be filled with all things,

For which I am glad,

Have touched me.


“Each day, do your best and let go of the rest.”


Kind Regards and

Happy Monday – K


Photography copyrighted and compliments of BGage


Racing circles

In my brain

Leaves my body

Feeling lifeless

Worthlessly numb.


At the appropriate


Cheery hello

When spoken to.

I’m tired.

So damn tired,

Though sleep eludes

My fired up brain.

Taking my precious

Canine children


Sun is shining

There’s my shadow

Dark upon the grass.

A perfect portrayal

Of me.

Kind Regards – K

Photography compliments & copyrighted by BGage 8.2018

Our Back yard in Southern New England

How lucky are we

To have captured

For all eyes to see

Still water,

Mirrored glass

Reflecting a vibrant sky.

Diversified deep blues

Interwoven amongst

Tumescent white clouds.

A natural artist canvas,

Picture framed by

Rolling mountains of

A multitude of

Various lush flourishing

Green trees

Rising above a youthful

Legion spread of a

Multitude of sprouting

plants and a sand colored


No matter

Where we roam,

Countryside in NH

Holds ones heart and

Forevermore, remains

The only place known,

As roots of origin,

That inherent place

Best described as

Our cherished home.


Kind Regards and hugs – K


Photography compliments & copyright of BGage, 2018

That’s Living!

“Long ago

And oh so far away…”

Sung by the Carpenters


Sweet cherished


Live on.

That’s life!

Familiar memories,


Forging ahead,

Star gazing,




Branching out,



Boundary jumping,

Continuing on,

Creating more.


Kind Regards and sharing moments – K


β˜€οΈPhotography copyrighted and compliments of BGage.

Six Word Challenge – reblog

Subject: Catastrophe

“Single lighted match sparked, house destroyed.”

– K

“Bruised ego blackens eye man arrested” – K

“Texting Grandfather crosses line, granddaughter injured ” – K

“Covered bridge reveals

light at end.” – K

“Oh, I have to stop this!” – K


Yuppers! Six word stories, totally addicted!

Okay jirogers guess it’s time to add a warning label to your posts. Ha ha!

Have a go!

Beware , may cause six-word story brainstorm! πŸ€”


“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”

-Albert Einstein

From the Motivation app


Kind Regards and taking a breather – K


β˜€οΈ photography compliments of BGage.β˜€οΈ