Iโ€™m dumpster challenged! 12.1.18

Just after dark, this 30 yard monstrosity was delivered.

Learned something new, a 10 tire truck can get stuck in a snowy driveway! I grabbed a shovel and helped the driver dig down to my gravel driveway so he could get out. WIN!

Of course, it doesn’t help, I live smack dab on the center of a gigantic hill! With a slanted driveway too!

This morning, I went out to throw my first bag in!

OH SH*T! That sucker IS TALL! I’m 5’10” and the edge is just above my head.

I was perplexed. How the heck was I going to throw all my weeded memories and “let gos”, into it?

Grabbed my cell and called my best buddy. Who knew, that one end actually opens up? You can literally walk into it. DUH!

Of course, we had a wonderful chuckle at my expense! ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

Just call me “dumpster challenged”!

Guess now I need to start throwing my hoeing!

North Carolina, watch out, this NH country gal will be there soon!

Kind Regards and still laughing- K



Oh how my heart


Filled with glorious


A captured lifetime


Of Pictures,

My family

Now living above

Or grown and scattered.

A fabulous afternoon

Of wandering

Sweet visuals of

Times that were.



Precious moments

Forever carried within

My heart.

What a wonderful

Way to spend a day!

Celebrating the old

Whilst clearing a path

Towards an exciting new.

Kind Regards

and snuggles- K


Chiefโ€™s special gift

Yesterday, Mother Nature delivered my beloved husky a special gift.

The beauty of a seasonal first snow fall, complete with, chill you through to the bone, winds.

His favorite season. Often he begs to go out, at least eleven times plus, on a snow day!

He’ll be 13 this Christmas. He’s slowed down quite a bit in the last few months.

Then there are moments like yesterday, when he is filled with puppy like exuberance. Which he pays for with 3 plus hour naps afterwards.

Bittersweet moments these days, as I pack. I’m not sure if the move is going to be too much for him.

He senses my inner struggles, with my past visions of a different scenario, for this move. Which, unfortunately is no longer an option. Not my choice. But one, I have to live with. The only person in my control, is me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So New England, once again, I shall be leaving in the very near future.

I’ll be back to visit someday.

For now, It’s my time to journey on…

Kind Regards and putting one foot in front of the other- K


Photography copyrighted and compliments of K of TheBlackWallBlog 11.13.2018.

The more clear you are in the vision of what you want in life, the brighter the spotlight will be to lead you on the right path.” – Unknown

Lifeโ€™s questions?

He reached over, whispered, “I’ve loved you for years.”, then kissed her.

A bolt of lightning kiss, sparking electrifying excitement down to her toes.

Chuckling aloud, she looked up from her novel, “What a crock!”, she thought!

Did real romance, true love, really exist, anymore?

Earthshaking kisses?

Lifetime committed relationships?

Best friends, lovers, life partners, open communication, handholding, gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes?

Romantic walks along the beach? Hikes through the woods?

Together, weathering the tough, reveling and embracing the good.

Truth or fiction?

Thinking of the two people who have been by my side for a long time. One, almost twenty years, the other over four. Both, true friends, totally honest. Without games. Always there.

Perhaps, it does exist.


Kind Regards and #winning – K

Muted like late Fall Colors

It’s not for wimps,

Taking a twelve year

Old, 90 lb husky

For a ride,

When he’s panicked

To go bye bye or

Prepping your mind

To move yourself and him,

After half a lifetime

To a southern state.

So many things happening

In a life which has had

So many things happen.

YES! I’ve lived!

Until late,

When I’ve been on hold

After so many years

Of being so bold!

On hold, stagnant.


I recall a woman,

Outspoken, hair flowing

As her head is thrown

Back laughing.

I know, my beloved

Husky and I

Will find her

On our journey.

She’s out there waiting

To be found.

Or perhaps,

she is my

Driving force

Behind our change.

Never lost,

Simply muted,

And rejuvenating,

While awaiting the

Universe to reveal

A pathway to

Our next adventure.


“Within each of us lies the power to be the person we remember, before the darkness.” – K


Kind Regards and #winning- K

โ˜€๏ธ Photography compliments and copyrighted by K of TheBlackWallBlog 11/2018.

My Dream Life poetry contest with #SIWOPC


Living off the grid

Boating, camping

And roughing it.

With the sweetest, dearest

Person I know,

My lifetime love.

Sharing silliness,

Warm hugs

Gentle to passionate


and lover’s whispers.

Not caring

Whether skies are blue

Or gray.

My soul content

Just being with you

Every single day.

Snuggles in the evening,

Spooning all night,

Waking up early to

Morning coffee chit chat.

Gardening, fishing

Living off brook

And land.

Our own special world,

Hiking the forests

Feeling that spark

As you reach out

To take hold of my hand.

Sitting together

Making s’mores

Over campfire flames.

In the middle of

Our wood.

Oh what a dream life

We would revel in,

If circumstances

Changed and

And the universe

Opened, so that we could.


SIWO is having a poetry contest!

Follow the link above for details!

Kind Regards and bring your best – K


photography ยฉ by K 10/18

Letโ€™s Write! Right?

Today my mind wonders,

As I wander a forest’s path.

Wearing my pondering


Where shall I go?

My soul, my essence

A piece of me,

Is searching for peace.

It seems,

My seams are bursting

With yearning.

I am startled,

As a deer crosses my path.

A doe followed by

Two dear little fawns.

None captured my scent.

Due to the mist

Of heaven sent rain.

Thankful, I walked today

Or I could have missed

Such a wonderful sight.

Heading home,

I mentally note the site.

Had I not chosen,

This jaunt

Their presence,

Only one of nature’s

Glorious presents,

Would have gone unnoticed,

In my backyard wood.

Kind Regards as I send a shout out for your homonym word play – K



Photography ยฉ and compliments of K 9.2018.


Silence can be golden,

So loud it’s deafening or

Heartbreakingly sad.

Silence, so peaceful or

Possibly frustrating,

How can such a simple

“S” word, make

One happy, sad or mad?

Only seven letters create

this powerfilled word,

Containing monumental

Emotional control.

Noise, most certainly is

Quietly seething

With intense jealousy!

Kind Regards -as I play with words – K


photography copyrighted by K, quote from Text2Pic app. 10.18

Challenge-JIRogers Six-word-story – Cringe

JIRogers is getting ready to publish another book!

(He even re-tweeted mine!)

DO YOU, want to become more adept at writing concise sentences?

THIS challenge represents the “perfect” practice!

๐Ÿ“š ๐Ÿ“– ๐Ÿ“š ๐Ÿ“– ๐Ÿ“š ๐Ÿ“– ๐Ÿ“š ๐Ÿ“– ๐Ÿ“š

๐Ÿ“™ YOU have “GOT” to be kidding!

๐Ÿ“™ Eight Supervisor panel, job interview today!

๐Ÿ“™ Making coffee, four hours before alarm!

๐Ÿ“™ Lady sends money to online boyfriend!

๐Ÿ“™ Barefoot, I found old dog’s accident. ๐Ÿคฌ

Your turn, give it a try!

I’m looking forward to your comments! ๐Ÿ“š

Kind Regards and

#winning -K


Your friend’s coffee table is missing this-

Buy it here, Today

Can You Hear Me? 9.20.18

Last week was

National Suicide Prevention Week.

So many people

On numerous social sites,

Posted their support,

The hot lines.

Did you absorb

What it’s truly about?

Did you actually read

And understand the signs?


Can you hear me

Begging for help

By my silence?

Did you notice

I’m keeping to myself

These days?

Have you seen a dullness

That replaced a sparkle

In my eyes?

Have you wondered

About my flash anger

When there’s nothing

For me to be mad about?

Can you tell

By my hollowed cheeks

And clothing grown too big,

That I’ve lost my appetite?

Can you hear the silence,

Since I stopped answering

my phone?

Have you noticed

Dirty coffee mugs

In my sink,

Piled higher each day?

Do you see

The unopened bills

Stacked higher, on

The kitchen table?

You say I’m so strong.

Can work thru anything.

Yes, once I was!

I’ve searched

For my strength,

It’s disappeared.

Can you hear me?

The dogs can.

No worries,

They’ll alert the neighbors

Once I’m gone.

Will you look back,

And hear me then?


Make sure you know

What to look for,

take notice of your

Friends and family.

If their is an

Unexplained behavioral


Don’t just chalk it up,

To your knowledge

There has been

” a little” extra stress

In their life.

In a calm manner,

Ask questions.

Remember, just because

They’ve weathered tough

times before, doesn’t mean

this time it’s the same.

Everything maybe okay!

They may just be stumbling

Right now.

But if you don’t ask

The questions

How will you know

For sure?

Kind Regards and hugs – K


Today Iโ€™m Going

Today, I’m going

to cry.

Release tears

held back,

way too long.

Today, I’m going

to feel the hurt.

Allowing my hidden

anguish, anger, and

frustration to flow.

In salty tears

streaming down

my cheeks.

I will finally,

let you go.

Today, I’m going

to start to heal.

Crying from

my broken heart,

While exposing

raw pain,

living deep

within this soul.

Should definitely

let me go.



Have you tried their creative writing trigger?


Kind Regards – K

Momโ€™s America Has Forgotten

Happy Thursday!

Yes, today is K’s Blog recommendation day, I’m working on them. Stay tuned!


In the last year, something I FEARED was true.

Has PROVED to be true!


That’s right.

WHO are they?

The majority seem to be woman in their 50s.

Educated, smart, witty and funny.

They have raised their children and are now experiencing empty nest syndrome.

In their 20s, 30s and 40s, they kicked ass and beat down the doors so that their daughters could have the same pay as their male co-workers.

Whether it be due to illness, businesses closing or?

They are struggling.

Suddenly, due to their age, they aren’t quick to be employable anymore. (Yup that’s illegal) but still true!

Because, they don’t have children at home nor have a drinking or drug problem…

They are not eligible for most state or federal programs

They can get, possibly, assistance (approximately 10%), in fuel and electric.

I know there ARE some financial programs to help with medical. ONE plus !

Their homes are ALMOST paid for, and they may drive a nice car.

OOPS! sorry, that’s too much value for any type of assistance!

They can get some groceries at the local food bank. TWO in the plus column!

They are too YOUNG, to touch their retirements without a large decrease in the monthly payment plus will experience a 10- 20% tax hit for withdrawing before retirement age.

They have most likely taken care of and buried both parents.

Grandparents are gone.

Their children don’t want them in their home because they still have the “family” pets! Or they just don’t care! (Sad, but true!)

These loving mom’s have helped their children, when they could.

And suddenly,


What’s the answer?

1) Take a 15 dollar an hour cut in pay to work and still not be able to cover their bills?

2) Become alcoholics and drug addicts so they are more likely to be eligible for state federal help?

That’s if they don’t end up living on the street first!

These smart savvy women are selling everything they can.

Researching the internet for passive incomes and praying!

Some are opening their homes and renting rooms.

Hoping they don’t get screwed over by a tenant that doesn’t pay or destroys half their house!

( That last one comes from personal experience! I’m still attempting to fix the damage on a zero budget so I can rent again!)

THEY/WE are fighters!


So America, I ask YOU!

What ARE YOU GOING to do about it?


Kind Regards

And kicking & screaming -K


Pic and quote compliments of Text2Pic app.

Reblog- JIRogers six-word-story Challenge- wind


โ˜€๏ธBlowing in, to play the game.

โ˜€๏ธSailing away, across white capped waves.

โ˜€๏ธHurrying, she blew right on by.

โ˜€๏ธShowing respect, treetops bowed their heads.

โ˜€๏ธDang! There goes my wig again!

โ˜€๏ธOur Flag saluted our fallen comrades.

โ˜€๏ธDorothy stole her Aunt’s farm house.

Have you ever tried six-word-story challenges?

Please, join in! Have some fun!

Kind Regards and feeling the breeze – K


I DID IT! Iโ€™m published!

What a glorious journey!

Worth every gray hair, 14 hour day, and nail biting moment!

Where the Cows Still Play

Is available in paperback on Amazon.com!!

Author- Kallie Knight

Photographer- Brian Gage!

It is available in Kindle too. But it does NOT do it justice!

It’s meant to be a Coffee table book. Excellent for gift giving.

The photographs in the book are vivid! Not a Kindle trait.

Though the cover is not exactly what we had blogged.


I chose a Matte finish. A nice offset, to my chosen bright white pages. (Superb photo quality!)

Since receiving my copy, I’ve gone in and changed the ink color and font on on the back cover.

A much easier process than I believed it was to be.

THEN late yesterday;

I received the best FB PM.

One of my High school, classmates from many moons ago, who now lives in Florida.

Sent me a picture of herself, gigantic grin on her face, as she held up my book!

That my friends, was definitely, “A Moment of Moo”!

The last line of a couple of prose pages are skewed to the left a bit.

I’m calling it character.

Though, if enough people disagree, I may go in and fix them.

By doing that, anyone who has an original, we shall deem it a collector’s copy.

No, I am not being cocky, just enjoying the journey.

For the first time in years, I am embracing this new found feeling of freedom.

Totally unencumbered!

I tip my hat to the regularly published writers. How DO they DO it?

My best friend and photographer is inspired by this book I published.

He has already started shooting for another.

Including, clicks with an extremely close view of a very large AND active beehive! ๐Ÿ ๐Ÿ Yikes!

For me, Where the Cows Still Play, is proof that if you want something bad enough and are willing to do “whatever it takes”. You will always be #winning!

I believe, if I can do it, so can you!


Kind Regards and believing in you – K


Where the Cows Still Play on Sale on Amazon

Depression 9.3.18

Dark clouds of bleakness


It’s evil gnarled fingers

Grabbed for my

Exposed ankle.

I fought to climb upwards.

Upwards towards

A glorious deep blue sky.

I screamed, “HELP ME!”

No one was near.

My cry for help

Was consumed

By a hole of nothingness.

Dark clouds of bleakness


It grasped my foot.

I felt myself starting to


Above, sunshine appeared,

It’s golden rays


My outstretched hand.

Slowly, the sunshine

Inched me upwards.

The dark clouds of

bleakness lost it’s hold.

Swiftly, plummeted

And out of sight.

I awoke, to find the

early morning sun

shining through my

bedroom window.


Kind Regards and #winning – K