Oh, My! How the Self Publisher Brain Flies! 4.22.19

No SOLO flights on the SELF-publishing journey!

Thank goodness for extra sets of fresh eyes to review spelling! βœ…

Remember! The eyes often. see what SHOULD be there!

Example: I changed one town from

North Charllestown to

N. Charllestown

and never noticed there

were two L’s in

Charlestown! Tsk! Tsk!


Received a “print” copy


After the Rooster Crows”,

“My Personal Journal”



Wow! Looks good!


Over 150 pages for people to journal on! βœ…

Photos are clear βœ…

Title page βœ…

Copyright βœ…

Table of contents was updated the final time! βœ…

Author/Publisher introduction(s) no typos! Punctuation, ok! βœ…βœ…

Listing of Contributing photographers-

Looks Great!βœ…


I will let it simmer

another night. 😴

Sending out hugs to all!

❀️Kind Regards

and #winning- K

Finally 4.21.19. My SIWO poetry contest entry



Dreary, dark gray storm clouds pass

Along with the dew.

A vibrant, Buttercup yellow sun appears.

It reaches across the morning sky,

To touch me, with it’s’ warming rays.

A smile brightens my gently, aging face.

I feel rejuvenated by this late, arrival,

Of our transformation into Springtime days.

Don’t forget to join in the fun of a SIWO poetry contest! 😁

Kind Regards – K

K’s Blog Recommendations 4.19.19

Late yesterday afternoon, I witnessed two gray, wild bunny rabbits chasing each other down by the pond! They were so cute!

Instantly, a smile flooded my entire body! What a glorious feeling! 😁

Today, I am sharing my favorite blogs of the week! The same Instant smile feeling, I described above, happens when I share this type of post!

Got your coffee or tea? β˜•οΈ

Please, READ, then LIKE and FOLLOW your favorites!

Do enjoy!











Kind Regards

And #winning – K

My Publishing Journey- My Three β€œE” approach 4.18.19

The margins and gutter are set!

I have re-learned the areas of word set up, I obviously πŸ™„ have forgotten since the last time I self published!

Everything transfers perfectly to PDF, then uploads lovely to Amazon publishing.

Pages paginated? βœ…

Table of Contents on right hand side ? βœ… 😁

Copyright on back of Title page? βœ…

Author/Publishing prose readymade and in place for introduction? βœ…


When I publish, I look at it as an adventure! As with the set up, I need my THREE E’s!





(or shrink) upon

the next step!

I now go through and look at the journal through the eyes of someone who loves to journal! ME!

Tooo long! 😝

Time to go through and shrink it down a bit!

Better too much than too little!

Still working on it! πŸ₯³

Kind Regards

and #winning – K

Finally! Headed up the Home Stretch 4.18.19

Yes! Up… the home stretch!

No, DOWN here!

4.14.19, took my final dose of lorazepam!

Flushed what was left!


Pollen is a higher than high in North Carolina today! Not sure if my head fog is from withdrawals or allergies or both!

What I DO know-

1) Don’t! Try this at home like I did!

2) Definitely! Have a good support system in place!

3) Look! For the bright side!

4) This is NOT EASY!! It’s HARD work!

5) It’s so WORTH it! (I have been able to tell in between medication drops!)

6) I’m soooo ready to be DONE!

I would like to thank each and everyone of my blog friends for their support! πŸ’•

I’m sending out sunshine hugs to my beautiful daughter and family! Not sure what I would be doing without their visits! β˜€οΈ


Kind Regards – K