Mind Reflections

“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.” – Jim Valvano


“Often I spend too much time

In my own mind, 

Seeing what was,

Fearing what might be,

Conjuring scenarios of what ifs,

When I should be living”. -K

Interesting discovery , 

When I am; writing,

Researching or thinking of

What I can do 

To help you continue 

Your path forward

My heart and mind 

Stop being chaotic.

I find my inner peace.


What do YOU do to

Quiet your racing thoughts? 


Kind Regards and 

feeling inquisitive- K



In it’s Purest Form

Just a dog? 

Did you know about

Dogs on Duty?

“The Veterans Administration only recognizes service dogs for veterans with sight, hearing or mobility issues.

 A study is being conducted by the Veterans Administration to validate veterans with PTSD can benefit from service dogs. We have directly witnessed the benefits a service dog can give to a veteran with these disabilities. 

In fact, there may be a direct link to the benefits of service dogs and the prevention of suicide in the veteran population.”- quoted from https://www.soldieronservicedogs.org/ 


Furry friends, pets, hairy children.

No matter what you call them

They walk with us, endure, comfort,

No matter where our lives go,

They are our constant.

The purest form of 

Love, perhaps only 

the mother and child 

bond have a stronger connection.



We have been side by side for just over 10 years. 

My buddy, my partner, my cheerleader and my friend – Chief.

Just a dog? No way!

My BEST Friend.

Kind Regards and RUFF – K


Platitudes on Aging and Other Annoying Things



I hate platitudes. You know those annoying statements people say to make you feel better about a situation. I come from a line of women who live long lives, into their eighties and nineties. Based on that kind of lineage, I anticipate a long life too. I’d prefer to be one of those women who age gracefully (whatever the heck that means).

My mother, a proud woman, wore her crown of white hair and the wrinkles on her face with pride. Coloring her hair would have been an insult. “I earned every one of these gray hairs raising six kids, ” she said, more times than I can count. Never at a loss for words, Mother had quite a few trite statements and tiresome clichés in her repertoire of advice. None of which prepared me for the grim reality of aging. I would’ve preferred the truth.

In honor of…

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Passions & Quotes

“Courage is fear holding on a minute longer. ” -George S. Patton

LGB’s favorite pastime
Eating Healthy
Time in the Woods
Dog sitting
Unconditional Love

Peaceful country life
Collecting cow memorabilia
Being a G’ma
Sunday afternoon movie time

“When you start to do the things that you truly love, it wouldn’t matter whether it is Monday or Friday; you would be so excited to wake up each morning to work on your passions. “-Edmond Mbiaka

Kind Regards – K

 Photography compliments of LGB

Look for him as bgage on Viewbug 

Photo of LGB compliments of K 😆

The Other “A” Month

April, 2017

Took a trip up to the beloved “off the wifi grid”,  

Mt Holly, VT over the weekend.

Haven’t made the trip since last August, (2016). 

File_000 (1)

When it comes to a new season, due to it’s elevation,

this area runs about two weeks behind the lower valley.

Spring really is coming!

If you look closely, you can see it is 

on the way.

New buds, bright green sprouts of 

grass and other hints

in sunny areas, even though 

there is still

snow along some of 

the backwood trails.

For me this means –  HOPE! 





 Nature has a way of 

Reminding me of what

Is truly important.

Peace within myself.

Sharing a smile with a friend.

Photography compliments of


Pssst I  shot the porcupine!


Kind Regards and wishing

Each of you

Health, Love, Contentment, Joy

Along with Wealth and Success -K




Thoughts are Food for the Mind



Thoughts are the creations of the mind.  What we repeatedly think creates a habit.  What  we read feeds our mind and creates thoughts.  Thoughts are the food for the mind.

So what habits are we creating with our thinking?  Is it that we constantly have good thoughts in our mind, are we constantly peaceful, are we constantly upset or are we in a constant mood?

It is so important to have fresh food for you mind every single day.   A fresh positive thought every day, a motto or a mantra will help you stay peaceful and happy all day.  All you have to do is remind yourself of it.    Always, go out of your way to create the habit of positive thinking every day (I share various thoughts on Instagram  almost daily).  Then you will feel that  life is not so hard.  Read positive thoughts,  listen and watch programs that make you happy, that give a deeper meaning to life.

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More than ever… 

Today is a beautiful day

For feeling grateful for

Each and every thing 

You have in your life! 

You might have noticed 

In my post 

An Eye Opener

Among  the words was 

The term, stage 2.

We had just received 

News that LGB 

Has esophagus cancer

Only 1 and 1/2 weeks earlier.

And they had finished the

Tests which concluded the stage.

He has just hit 45 weeks sober!

He is feeling confident 

And ready to fight!



No fancy words do I write today


I dedicate this post 

To you, my best friend! 

(I’ve known him 

since the 8th grade! 

Practically forever!)


Kind Regards and 

          feeling grateful 4 you -K

Photography Compliments of LGB


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Strength in Numbers

Early Spring togetherness in NH.



Our neighbors backyard stump covered  with a family of ‘shrooms.



Three special friends hanging out in the pasture in Unity, NH.


Abby laying on mommy as we watch movies on a lazy Sunday afternoon.


Kind Regards 

         and feeling peaceful-

                        K and LGB.
Photography by LGB.

Aka BGage on Viewbug



Once She Knew Me

Originally written 10/11/2016.



Somehow her heart knew, I was someone special,

But her head could not place from whence we met.

On my weekly visits, off to the garden we’d venture

For I knew from my lifelong upbringing,

Her love of flowers, birds and all things nature.

Down the hallways we often skipped and danced,

Singing little ditties, whilst holding hands.

Her soul was that of a free spirited teenager.

And she was the happiest girl of all.

As sundown time each day arrived

She anxiously awaited the doors to open

In the parking lot, they  must sit awaiting,

Her parents in their horse drawn sleigh, 

To take her home to the old farmstead.

Alas, she was 94 and it was I who knew

They had long since gone away.

But none of that did she believe.

Once that time of day had passed.

She remained the happiest girl of all.

My children knew…

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We Certainly Can!

March stomped out leaving behind  12 fresh inches of extra heavy packed white snowflakes. While, April Fools Day welcomed me with a case of insomnia and lots of shoveling!

One must love Mother Nature’s sense of humor, particularly if you live in New England.

Tomorrow’s weather looks like 50s and sunny,  by the end of the week we may have gone  from sopping wet mittens and boots to shorts and flip flops!

One would think we would be accustomed to change by now. Who was it that said, “Change is inevitable. It’s a constant, the one thing you can rely on?”

I believe, if we can adapt to rapidly changing weather, we sure can learn to walk any path we choose! Literally,  set our minds to do anything! 


Kind Regards and 

                 believing in you – K

 Photography by LGB. Look for him as BGage in Viewbug! 😘


Inner Battles

Self doubt from a childhood

Being told  I never would

Battles the truthfilled knowledge

That I’ve already  proven

That I could.

Knowing the signs, triggers of self

Show years of forging through.

It’s time to quiet the mind

Relax, Get some rest

Once again tomorrow

I’ll be me, the winner

Refreshed and at my best,

“Within you, you will find everything you need to be complete.”

-Bryant McGill, Voice of Reason

Kind Regards and winning -K

photo compliments of LGB