Insomnia fun?

Saturday’s are my, “let the week go” day.

Often I meander through the day in a haze after an almost sleepless Friday night.

I’m trying some new tricks to change that.

Going to bed earlier on Friday, keeping a regulated sleep schedule. Visualization of blue skies, sunshine along with some “head start” odds and ends housework.

It’s an uphill climb, but I am gaining! ūüíÉ

A trick my daughter taught me – using Dawn.

Simply put a touch, in water, in a sticky sauce pan and heat on low.

This makes for easier clean up.

My results from yesterday.

Attack of the bubble monster? Ha! Ha!

The good news! Not only did it work fabulously for easy clean up, but it also gave me a giggle and a photo op!

What more could a gal ask for?


Is it only a NH country bumpkin that can appreciate such simple self-entertainment?

Kind Regards, dishes done and still chuckling -K



Friday the 13th Myth Or Mindset?

Each day is what we believe

It to be.

Friday the 13th

In my mind

Is a good luck day!
Find that positive.

Black cats are beautiful!

I will admit,

After I have spilled some,

I still throw salt over my



Join me in my journey

Of viewing the muted colors of

Fall 2017 in Vermont!

I didn’t see any

Bad Luck.

Did you?



Kind Regards from  VT РK


Photography copyrighted

and compliments

Of TheBlackwallBlog 10/2017.



Look up my love, look up,

I am here my love, look up

I’ll be forever waiting¬†

With open arms and heart

Until then,

Live life, my love, 

Live life!





Time ticks forward,

We love, suffer losses, yet somehow,

We carry on.

We persevere.

Grow stronger from the pain.

Carry that strong belief,

The universe is there for us

As we stroll along life’s path.

We cry in anguish.

We laugh wholeheartedly.

We love deeply, from within.

We live.

20245915_1597380480294283_4941816425345705337_n20245935_1597380453627619_416990387640588365_n (1)

Kind Regards and # winning – K

Photography compliments and copyrighted by BGAGE and TheBlackWallBlog.


Keep On Rolling…

I’ll admit it. It’s been a rough few weeks.

I haven’t been able to write.

No feelings of creativity or inspiration.

I’ve focused on survival,

It was all I could muster.

As I planted a smile on my face

and went to work each day.

Perhaps I was letting go,

Working on accepting what is.

Grief can come in all forms.

I haven’t seen or ever felt

there was a perfectly defined 

set of rules,

for how you make it 


While watching some Hulu last night

Along came a song…¬†

Exactly what I needed, 

not that I knew what I needed.


My mind, feet and soul  started to dance.

Whatever  was going on,

I am here now.

Happy Saturday to you!


REO SPEEDWAGON sang it loud and so did/do I.  

“So if you’re tired of the same old story,
Oh, turn some pages
I will be here when you are ready
To roll with the changes, yeah, yeah…”

That song, produces pictures of

a time of my life filled with glorious memories…

I heard it last night and discovered

it STILL delivers a special message, meaning

and triggers a quickened heart beat.

(August 4, 2017)

It sparks a fire in my soul!

(Originally released in 1978!)



Unbelievable!  Or is it?

I have said it before and you will surely hear,

or read it from me again.

It’s the seemingly simple things in life,

that appear and help get you through.

No matter where you are,

Lounging on the couch,

Driving down the road…

Life,  inspires you, 

If you allow yourself to be open to suggestion.

19984158_10212215918620669_2240313148426708559_o (1)

Whether it be the infectious giggling of a child 

in the grocery line behind you.

 A new or old favorite song on the radio.

An unexpected happy ending of a movie,

A call from an old friend,

A sweet bird singing in the branches 

Outside your window, 

Or a neighborhood dog that suddenly appears

Just to say hello.









If it creates a spark of hope,

Quickens your heart rate,

Makes you feel good,

Grab onto it, embrace it!

Tap into the positive energy.

Allow it to help propel you forward.

To place one foot in front of the other,

On your journey  of life.



Kind Regards and

         feeling grateful for a new day РK


Photography of the tree trunk, flowers and the neighbor’s dog-¬†

Compliments of The BlackWallblog.


The Bacon Journey

July 1st, WOWSER!!

A Lady Slipper, found at White Rock National Park, VT. A rare find.

In my head,  excerpts from a CHICAGO song swirls

"Saturday, in the park, 

I think it was the 4th of July....

People dancing, people laughing
A man selling ice cream
Singing Italian songs
Everybody is another
Can you dig it (yes, I can) 
And I've been waiting such a long time
For Saturday..."


So much has transpired since LGB’s diagnosis

of late stage 2 esophagus cancer on March 24, 2017.

Great news!

His numbers are excellent,

they have discontinued chemo.


He has lost his voice and it may or may not come back.


He adapted and his Smartphone does the talking.

Have you ever thought what it might be like to pull up to your

favorite Dunkin Donuts drive-thru and NOT been able to give

your order?

Well his phone states his daily order for a Turbo shot iced coffee:



He has one more day of neck radiation.

Two weeks after that a Pet Scan.

If that is good, he is FREE.

Free to roam his beloved woods,

he and his camera can once

again become one.




White Rock National Park, VT May 2017


Me, I have been attempting to survive while riding an emotional roller-


It is difficult to watch your best friend in pain.

His neck is severely burned and I have done my best to be there for him.

When he let’s me.¬†

I gave him my all. 

I made a promise to myself to hold his hand while he made the Bacon journey.

 Aptly named due to the crispiness of what radiation treatment does to you.

Besides it adds a touch of humor. “Does anyone smell bacon?”

Oh it’s just LGB…

Okay, so we are a sick group of individuals, but who cares,

it kept us all chuckling!

theres a hole in my bucket
There’s a hole in my bucket Dear Liza, Dear Liza.. lol

LGB and I have been on a tumultuous journey much longer than

the Bacon journey. 


The realization that I have been just a passenger along for the ride in his life,

not just for this particular journey, but for the last two years has hit hard.


TRUTH- He has proved, though he states he loves me,

that I am only allowed to be a small part of that life.

He made so many promises, they were good intentions.

They wound up being broken promises. 


I knew deep in my heart, he was in love with the concept of me.

He liked knowing I was there.

And at one time, I loved him with all my heart.

For me, this is the last leg of his and my life trip together.


Sad, yet such a relief to jump off that emotional roller coaster.


I need to implement Self-care.

There have been warning signs; panic attacks, night mares,

constant fatigue, etc…

I have been ignoring myself and that is NOT okay. 

A difficult decision.

My mental and physical health

take precedence.


Being grateful:

 I am so fortunate to carry forward fabulous memories.

As I travel down my life path…¬†


Who know’s what new adventure

may be just around the corner.




Kind Regards and thinking of my best friend -K




Celebrate- YOU!



Perhaps, today’s a good day

To relax, revel in your own joy 

Of the now,



Just where you are at.


Take a sanity break

‘Cuz, continuously

Running round in circles

Makes ya dizzy

And¬†what’s the use of that?


Breathe deeply and enjoy

Sit back, and take a load off.

Celebrate your success,

For all that you have done

You put forth the grandest effort,



How far that you have come!




Kind Regards and celebrating “our” existence- K



Do You Remember, FUN?



I am reaching out for YOUR HELP!

What are your thoughts on this?

Where do you suggest I start?

Do you struggle with this too?

Please share anything and everything!


Here is the background:

WordPress’ weekly photo

Challenge is here!

The subject is fun!

What is fun?

Do you remember?

In one split second,

Can you clearly define

Your current thoughts 

Of having a good time?


Instantanious visualizations

Of past events of me laughing

Quickly flicker, fast forward

Like a mini slideshow thru my mind.

But truthfully, when was the last time

Such a carefree occurrence, did I find

Myself smack in the middle of

Without a whole lot of prep and

Trepidation, battling inner fear?


What a scary thought, I am thinking,

That, it’s no longer my norm,

At what point did my life go

From heartfelt enjoyment,

To some type of dark storm?

Another goal to aspire to,

Again, a chance at #winning!

Then i saw these… and it all ¬†made sense.




Kind Regards and winning – K









Weekly photo challenge Fun!

Daily post Reach

Mount Holly, Vermont- Final The History


At the end of this post, there is a link to the

history and genealogy of Mount Holly, VT.

From two settlements that lived 3 miles from each other,

not knowing the other existed,

to the start of the Crowley Cheese factory

to the findings of a Woolly Mammoth’s remains.

It truly is an interesting and worthwhile read. 


Did you ever notice no matter where you go,

there is at least one in every crowd?




Elbow anyone?

elbow amongs the leaves

Or perhaps a moss heart ?

moss rock heart monster


I was so excited when I saw this thru the camera

lens!! I was so sure I had found a relic from history!

wheel possibly nope just a rock

When I walked around to the other side it was just a plain white rock!!

Nature is incredible!


Early morning deer tracks!!

They aren’t stupid, ya know.

Why go thru the thick brush

when some idiot human

built them a road? ¬†ūüôā¬†4 deer tracks on road


For my flower and pink loving friends!

tiny pink bud


Singing “Sign, sign everywhere a sign….Do this don’t do that can’t ya read…”

That’s a mean curve!! Thought I was going back where I came from!


Old man in a tree?



Everyone loves a picture of a barn and a silo, right?



Wanna climb through with me??

culvert looking thru 8.7.16


There is always someone telling me where to go!!


  I picked these especially for  you!!blue flowers out in the woods2 grouping.JPG


link History for True History buffs- Excellent read!




Kind Regards and thank you for your patience – K


Copyrighted and compliments of K and L.G.B!







Change to The WYSIWYG…

Perception vs¬†reality and fact… can change the ¬†WYSIWYG!

A perfect example:

Perception: ¬†See the picture below? It looks like a random shot. ¬†I’m sure you notice a touch of blue in the sky, topped with random white to gray cloud formations. ¬†You see an unkempt yard, tipped sawhorse, a tattered American flag with an old abandoned boat and a forgotten football. ¬†There is some type of water source in the background. Perhaps it is the ocean, a lake or large pond? When I posted it on FB someone vocalized how disgusted they felt about the tattered flag. They told me the flag was a disgrace and should be replaced. (People are just so darn sweet!!) ¬†:/

Just a basic everyday pic, or is it?




¬†This next picture, was taken from a back deck on Block Island, RI, just 6 hours “before” Hurricane Sandy hit. “That” tattered American flag is literally being torn to shreds by the sheer force of the winds. ¬†

Scary, eh?


October 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc and destruction up the East coast. My daughter was living on Block Island.   About 6 hours before the hurricane hit, she gave me a quick call and told me she and her friends were headed out to see what was happening on other parts of the island. After the call, I heard nothing from her for over 12 hours!

Time felt like my enemy. No response to any text, calls went straight to voicemail. Total nothingness. Nervous wreck is too weak of a term to describe me that day.

I was off the wall and beyond frazzled.  My brain was spinning, it went to places like , who do I know that has a helicopter that can get her OFF THAT ISLAND? Like THAT was even a possibility, right?



The 1st random shot, that I showed you was taken on October 30, 2012.

¬†The day after¬†Hurricane¬†Sandy. ¬†¬†Let’s look at it one more time.



My¬†daughter took “both” pictures¬†from her deck on Block Island, RI.

 I received this shot at the same time my daughter called to say she was safe! 

Every time I look at it, my mind sings… “and the flag was still there…!” It¬†is a picture of¬†the hope I hung onto and of prayers answered.¬†–¬†(Thank you, God!)

Who gives a rats a$$ whether the flag looks old and tattered! To me, it will remain one of the most beautiful representations of the Red, White and Blue I have ever seen.


¬†“Life isn’t always WYSIWYG sometimes it’s even better!”



Do you have a WYSIWYG story to share? 

As is our norm, comments, quips, irony and witty remarks are always welcome!


Kind Regards and feeling grateful – K


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The Blogger's Pit Stop

Daily post Clock

Who nose?

One never “nose” what you might catch

on the backyard camera!! 

My beautiful picture
Who nose? Copyrights and compliments of L.G.B.


That’s one Cherry on top picture as far as I am concerned!!



Kind Regards and having fun – K



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Weekly Photo prompt Cherry On Top

K’s Think Positive Opportunity and Caption the pic- Challenge#1

Good morning!!



“Click quickly. Or I will pour this hot water upon you”¬†Miracle girl Blog

“I told you I wanted to have a pyjama day!” –¬†Watching the Daisies

it actually was K taking THE selfie picture while L.G.B. was taking a pic of me taking the pic… BUT one never knows...

Actually I related to both of the above captions!!  

It sure does look like someone is

about to pour water on someone's head... 

on the other hand I looked like I had a headache 

and wanted a jammy day!!


Thank you for playing.. Until next time….;)


Kind Regards and keep smiling – K


This is what I call a Shadow Selfie….

Another favorite POSITIVE SOLUTION!

Personally, I think they are the best thing since sliced bread!!



SHADOW SELFIE copyrighted and supplied by L.G.B. and K


Here are the rules to join Р(Please do!)

  • Provide, in the comment section, what you think the best caption, should be for this picture. ¬†You may enter more than one caption, please limit it ¬†to one per ¬†comment. Have some fun with it! Let your creative juices flow! (don’t forget your blog URL)
  • All entries need to¬†be in by¬†Saturday, July 24 around midnight EST.
  • On Sunday, (God willing and the creek don’t rise!), ¬†I will announce the winner- all comments ¬†will be reviewed by L.G.B. and K, based on humor, irony, creativity, silliness, uniqueness and what tickles our¬†fancy.
  • ¬†All bribes are graciously reviewed and accepted based on value and¬†
  • TONGUE-TANTALIZING TASTINESS. ( we LOVE¬†chocolate!)¬†ha!¬†
  • Winners shall receive praises, warm thoughts, tweets and reblog of contest with WINNER ANNOUNCED!¬†


¬†3 reasons why K THINKS “Shadow selfies”¬†¬†

      are BETTER than regular photos!

  1. Having a bad hair day, who cares?

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†a) You can’t see it!

           b) If the shadow does by slim chance show funny misplaced wisps of hair.                                                      There is zero proof that you were even there! ha!

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†2. ¬†If L.G.B. suddenly slams on the brakes and you are “wearing” your
DD coffee instead of “drinking” it , who’s going to know?? ¬†ūüėČ

       3. You ran out of the house and forgot to wear pants? (self explanatory!)


      Please, leave a comment:

    Why Shadow selfies are better than regular photos!!

¬† ¬† ¬†I’ll add it to¬†the list,

¬† ¬†( Don’t forget your blog URL,¬†for the¬†reblog, share and twitter posts!)


“Click quickly. Or I will pour this hot water upon you” Miracle Girl Blog

“I told you I wanted to have a pyjama day!” –¬†Watching the Daisies

PHEW!! have ya got all that??

                       I AM ON A POSITIVE ROLL!!   


Kind Regards and silliness abounds – K

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Sorry guys and gals it doesn’t happen overnight..

It takes hard work and perseverance!!

But, if you believe…

and keep plugging along….

and each day you put one foot in front of the other

you already mirror my all time favorite hashtag-




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Daily post –Slowly

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Depression’s path




The orange pinkish hue of the sun

Slowly descends, down the horizon wall

Falling beyond the edge of the earth

Where things disappear into unknown regions

After sunset our earth succumbs to darkness


And not until another cloudless morning

Does our life light reappear and grow

As the sun rises, the rays

Increasingly bright as they creep up

Earths distant grayish blue wall

Our souls blossom with freedom

As the darkenss relinquishes

It’s hold and once again

We are allowed to

continue upon our way.




#Miraclechallenge  Challenge #6

4 . Write a Story/ Poem using Prompt Theme ‚Äď AFTER¬†SUNSET



Kind Regards and #WINNING – K

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