My Favorite Free Photo Editing App and more 2.7.2019 (A 40 second read)

as the rooster crows 02032019 sunrise

Happy Thursday!

A quick shout out to my son.

Happy Birthday!!  

I cannot  believe it’s been 32 years since the first time I held you in my arms. 

D, I hope you have a fantastic day!!


Mom ❀


First of all I cannot take credit for the discovery of these  two gems. That pat on the back, goes to BGage, The  Black wall blog’s photographer!

Most of us love to take pics. I am not fond of pictures that are played with to the point, they no longer look real. Simple lighting and the option to go Black and White or make my blue just a touch bluer is all I need.  The best part? THEY ARE FREE!

SnapSeed – A Photo and Video app. I truly enjoy the photo options with this free app. I noticed the crop restriction is a lot more rigid than my Iphone photo app, so I generally have my photo cropped prior to opening it in Snapseed.  You can modify your clicks a variety of ways. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Adobe Lightroom CC – I only use this application to add the copyright to the bottom of my photos. It has the option to purchase more high end modifications features, I chose not to. I will sometimes hit the auto enhance just to see what it does.  THE BEST part of this app is when you share your picture, it automatically adds a copyright to it. You have control over the size, font style etc.  Look under settings/sharing options.

Normally, I just share it to myself in messenger and then download it. Let me know if you have tried it and what tricks you use.


chief without copyright and what a love 2.7.19


chief with the copyright logo at the bottom what a love


Both of the apps that I mention are all that was used for the photography in our “Where the Cows Still Play”, Coffee Table book we published. Please, check it out on Amazon when you have a chance. It makes an excellent gift!

Kind Regards and #winning – K


note: I was not paid for mentioning or writing this blog post on these two apps. They are just a couple of fun apps I wanted to share. πŸ™‚


Self publishing, Marketing and Warmth 9.27.18

Good morning!

🍁Self publishing tip

Amazon paperback

This one got me! (Ouch)!

Do research on the dimensions of your book!

I chose one size up from a

6 x 9, then added margins.

My thought process-

My FINAL WOULD be 6 x 9!

Unfortunately, this decision, kicked my book out of some sales areas. Bookstores etc!


If I had chosen 6 x 9, then added my margins it would have been a “standard” size!

PLEASE! Do your research on what is considered “standard”!

IF you don’t pre- research:

Amazon will let you know the impact of your size selection!

Unfortunately, it’s not until a later step, when you have put days, weeks, months into your beloved masterpiece! 🀨

* Always learning! πŸ˜ƒ

🍁Marketing tip:

What do you think of this?

I started an Instagram set of photos with a fun set of posts like the above and started getting followers.

It has added at least one sale per day!

DO NOT forget to let your followers know where it can be purchased!

Not bad for a country bumpkin, eh? πŸ˜‰



As one review states:


Isn’t he a cutie?


Kind Regards

And wishing you

Much success – K

🍁photography by K 9.18

Photofunia app fun and a little ingenuity! πŸ€—

Do You Know What’s Missing From Your Breakfast?

Well, since you’re having pancakes. Could it be the sweet taste of Homemade NH or VT Maple Syrup?

Boiled from the sap of Maple Trees! YUMMY!!


A thoughtful quote?

Click of the sky over my house yesterday!








Where the Cows Still Play- Order Here


Self publishing!

Takes careful planning and a keen eye for detail!

I’m available for tips and proofreading!

Self- Marketing

IDEA– Advertise your masterpiece with a low low price!

Business cards (dual sided) from VISTA PRINT!

You can hand them out wherever you go!


My inspirational quote for your day-

Kind Regards

And believing in us – K

Do You Know What’s Missing from Your Pinterest board?

More motivational quotes!

Photography from a season “betwixt”- Fall and Winter in NEW ENGLAND!



A thought from me!




Where the Cows Still Play- BUY IT HERE!

Self marketing!

BE creative!

SHARE excerpts!

DO your research!

Never Give up!


A quote for today!

“If you have an idea of what you want to do in your future, you must go at it with almost monastic obsession, be it music, the ballet or just a basic degree. You have to go at it single-mindedly and let nothing get in your way.”

-Henry Rollins

Kind Regards and


YOU R Awesome – K

Photos and Thought from the Author from Where the Cows Still Play! Quotes from our favorite motivational app.

Do You Know What’s Missing From Your Monday?

A splash of color!

Great Quotes!




Where the Cows Still Play! BUY IT HERE!


A special quote for you:

“Isn’t it cool when the days that are supposed to feel good, actually do?”

-Jim Carrey


Kind Regards

And wishing you

the BEST DAY – K

🎈🎈 photos with quotes from Text2Pic.

Inspiring each other,

Self publishing, and

Self marketing – tips by K

K’s Blog Recommendations 9.14.2018

Typical sighting in the backyard- Langdon, NH

CRAZY busy, busy week!

My first book on sale on Amazon- Where the Cows Still Play, interviews, marketing, plus!


To make your dreams come true,

🎈YOU have to work your butt off!

🎈YOU have to believe in yourself

🎈YOU need people who believe in you!

🎈THEN you need to work 100 times as hard to keep that dream afloat and moving forward!

It all starts with a first step…

Like blog visits, the BEST part of my week. Hopping in to see what’s on the mind of my fellow blogging family !

SEEING the inspirational intertwined collage of Β colors of creativity, hopefulness, sometimes sadness, and horror. I also am witness to first steps, dreams and the beautiful eyes of wisdom!

Here are this week finds!













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Kind Regards and Happy Blogging – K

Self Publishing- Always Learning 9.9.18 and a Sneak Peek

After meeting with my photographer, yesterday.

He took 99% of the photos.

There were a couple of minor changes I needed to make to the book.

The original “Moment of Moo”, has passed. No worries, it is still floating around like cloud wisps!

To assure that anyone who purchases a book. (All million of you, I’m dreaming! 😁) receives a quality manuscript, I’m doing a touch of editing!

Feeling anxious, I awoke at 2:30am. Hopped into the program to do my “quick” fix.

Ha! Ha! Ha! 🀣🀣🀣

In self-publishing “quick fix”, is not going to be in your vocabulary!

Beware any photos, that have a setting of BOLD!

For some reason, when I re-uploaded my file. Suddenly photos that were perfectly fine, NOW, extended into my margins!


Thankfully, Amazon tells you which pages have photos that need to be re-sized. They include a bright red exclamation point on those that need adjusting. (LOVE THIS!)

That was the easy part!

Stumped, I reopened my original word doc.

I went in and verified that my margins and gutter settings had NOT changed.

They had not! PHEW!

The only thing I noticed was hovering over some of the pics, they showed as BOLD faced type.

I un-clicked that setting, but slightly resized my photos too.

Better safe than sorry.


I had to re-upload three times. Once, Amazon bombed on me. Oops!

I pushed on through, started my upload again!

Ahhhh, sweet success!

Now, there are two different pages, with the final line, slightly shifted to the left???

The pages that originally had the problem are fixed.

It’s 3 hours and 3/4 of a pot of coffee later.

My paperback is live, with updates under review.

This review can take 72 hours. I like the fact they do a double check!

At this time, I had not touched the kindle. (Mine is not linked to my book)

I have decided to take it offline! πŸ€”

My gift worthy Coffee book really needs to be held and viewed with a relaxing cup of tea or afternoon toddy.

I just noticed, Where the Cows Still Play, is ranked #8 out of 100 in Amazon’s New releases in Northeast US Travel Guides!

If you have never been to the US, or New England this would be a fantastic way to visit. (No plane ticket required!)

Off I go, for fresh coffee.

🎢 β˜•οΈ 🎢

NOW as promised…


IMG_2454 enhanced

Covered Bridges

Made of wood

I would love to hear

Their tales of all

The things they’ve seen,Β 

Throughout those years they stood.

Wouldn’t it be great to hear?

An old bridge, spin one

If only that they could.


Happy Sunday all!

Kind Regards and wishing you the best day – K