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Good Morning!

What a fabulous week of new, vibrant, colorful, picturesque , talent-filled blogs and posts!









☀️ https://spdhegde.wordpress.com/2018/08/08/cosmos/



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Wicked Wednesday Wave 7.18.18

I’ve not been top notch the last few days.

I was looking for a little something to get me over the hump!

“Our body goes where thoughts flow.” – K

(6 word story 😉)

There’s a thought process that can kick it in the butt!

You already

know what it is.





From the movie “Good Will Hunting!”



With a Zen to Zany topping!


  • Kind Regards & Warm hugs – K


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Featured Blog Fun 6.22.18


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☀️ Merilyn Zulu

☀️ Slice the Life

☀️ The Mind Palace tenacious believer 07

☀️ Cold hands warm hearts blog

☀️ True George


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Backyard Discovery 6.2018

I see you looking at me

Looking at you! 😁


Peaceful reflection pond!


Forever shall I revel

In my childhood


Looking up to

Discover an

Endless supply

Of unique displays of

Creative Cloud art on

The canvas made from a

Deep blue sky!


The beloved daisy!


Pretty in pink!


A surprise in the trees!

It’s the old pulley wheel for the laundry line, to easily hang clothes out to dry from the 2nd story.

Still sitting there awaiting



Flowered chive garlic!


Check out that color!


“To think creatively, we must be able to look afresh at what we normally take for granted.” –



Kind Regards and and wishing you a Fabulous Thursday – K


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