Moving Day! Yikes!

Happy Saturday!

It’s an extremely cold single digit temperature, this early a.m.! Brrrr!

I’m sitting here amongst 2 gigantic walls of boxes thinking πŸ€” Damn! I sure could use a Riverside Restaurant, (Springfield, VT), Reuben and some fries!!! Ha! Ha!

I’m sipping on a wee hour of the morning, coffee… my β€œHope I haven’t forgotten anything thoughts”, are swirling! πŸ˜³πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Well the gang showed up!

Truck picked up and packed!

Left early evening to get a head start! There is a big snow storm moving in down South.

Just wanted to drop by with an update and a hello!

Drove about 2 hours…

Thought for today:

Love and Kind Regards – K


Co-piloting is hard work!


I’m dumpster challenged! 12.1.18

Just after dark, this 30 yard monstrosity was delivered.

Learned something new, a 10 tire truck can get stuck in a snowy driveway! I grabbed a shovel and helped the driver dig down to my gravel driveway so he could get out. WIN!

Of course, it doesn’t help, I live smack dab on the center of a gigantic hill! With a slanted driveway too!

This morning, I went out to throw my first bag in!

OH SH*T! That sucker IS TALL! I’m 5’10” and the edge is just above my head.

I was perplexed. How the heck was I going to throw all my weeded memories and “let gos”, into it?

Grabbed my cell and called my best buddy. Who knew, that one end actually opens up? You can literally walk into it. DUH!

Of course, we had a wonderful chuckle at my expense! 🀣🀣

Just call me “dumpster challenged”!

Guess now I need to start throwing my hoeing!

North Carolina, watch out, this NH country gal will be there soon!

Kind Regards and still laughing- K

Ok Chief Enough is enough! Or is it?

Oh! My husky has been secretly chatting with Old man Winter, AGAIN!

Early morning NH 11.20.18

And the snow continues!


“Dream big and make life fun! Do something outrageous each day. Follow your passion. Believe in yourself.” – Unknown


Kind Regards and staying toasty – K

Chief’s special gift

Yesterday, Mother Nature delivered my beloved husky a special gift.

The beauty of a seasonal first snow fall, complete with, chill you through to the bone, winds.

His favorite season. Often he begs to go out, at least eleven times plus, on a snow day!

He’ll be 13 this Christmas. He’s slowed down quite a bit in the last few months.

Then there are moments like yesterday, when he is filled with puppy like exuberance. Which he pays for with 3 plus hour naps afterwards.

Bittersweet moments these days, as I pack. I’m not sure if the move is going to be too much for him.

He senses my inner struggles, with my past visions of a different scenario, for this move. Which, unfortunately is no longer an option. Not my choice. But one, I have to live with. The only person in my control, is me. πŸ˜‰

So New England, once again, I shall be leaving in the very near future.

I’ll be back to visit someday.

For now, It’s my time to journey on…

Kind Regards and putting one foot in front of the other- K


Photography copyrighted and compliments of K of TheBlackWallBlog 11.13.2018.

The more clear you are in the vision of what you want in life, the brighter the spotlight will be to lead you on the right path.” – Unknown

New host for β€œWHICH WAY” Photography Challenge!

Which Way Challenge: September 27, 2018

Son of a beach 96″, has taken over the challenge from CEE!!

We are so happy since it’s one of our favorites!

❀️(And one of the reasons we even thought to publish “Where the Cows Still Play“- available on Amazon)

Road Trippin’ around

New England!

Be sure and hop on over and join the fun!

Kind Regards – K


Photography copyrighted and compliments of K !

Self publishing, Marketing and Warmth 9.27.18

Good morning!

🍁Self publishing tip

Amazon paperback

This one got me! (Ouch)!

Do research on the dimensions of your book!

I chose one size up from a

6 x 9, then added margins.

My thought process-

My FINAL WOULD be 6 x 9!

Unfortunately, this decision, kicked my book out of some sales areas. Bookstores etc!


If I had chosen 6 x 9, then added my margins it would have been a “standard” size!

PLEASE! Do your research on what is considered “standard”!

IF you don’t pre- research:

Amazon will let you know the impact of your size selection!

Unfortunately, it’s not until a later step, when you have put days, weeks, months into your beloved masterpiece! 🀨

* Always learning! πŸ˜ƒ

🍁Marketing tip:

What do you think of this?

I started an Instagram set of photos with a fun set of posts like the above and started getting followers.

It has added at least one sale per day!

DO NOT forget to let your followers know where it can be purchased!

Not bad for a country bumpkin, eh? πŸ˜‰



As one review states:


Isn’t he a cutie?


Kind Regards

And wishing you

Much success – K

🍁photography by K 9.18

Photofunia app fun and a little ingenuity! πŸ€—

Cruzin’ Back in Time

cruzin 9.jpeg


Cruzin’, tree lined back roads,

Tunes cranked, I belt along,

Cuz’ I know every word.

My mind relives,

A persistent memory.


Deep within my heart.


Pedal down on the straight-a-way.

Maneuvering curves like an Earnhardt.

Adrenaline rushing through my body.

As my mind relives,

A persistent memory.


Deep within my heart.

As I’m cruzin’

Β Tree lined back roads,

Tunes cranked, I belt along,

Cuz’ I know every word.



Of that younger us,

Hearts pure,

FullΒ of innocence.

We just knew

Our hearts to be,

Invincible in love.

As I’m cruzin’,

Tree lined back roads,

Tunes cranked, I belt along,

Cuz’ I know every word.



Sparks ignited,

When we held hands.

Feeling that teenage Β buzz.

No one,

In the world,


Our feelings so intense.

As I’m cruzin’,

Tree lined back roads,

Tunes cranked, I belt along,

Cuz’ I know every word.



My mind relives,

A persistent memory.


Deep within my heart.

As I’m cruzin’,

Tree lined back roads,

Tunes cranked, I belt along,

Cuz’ I know every word.

cruzin 8

Young love. Were we really that innocent?

Heck, were we really that young? ha!

Oh well, now and then it hits you,

like a bolt of lightning.

Mind goes off into another place and time.

Cherished memories.

I wonder if that little ditty above

Could be a song? hmmmm

Kind Regards and # winning _ K



Do YOU Know What’s Missing From Your GEICO Ad?

Well, I haven’t seen my

little gecko 🦎 buddy lately.

He certainly was a cutie!


Critics may have asked,

Where it came from?

My thoughts?


It gave him SEX APPEAL!



You must admit,

much like the latest



are a bit,




in their latest advertising!






YOU chat about it!

YOU joke about it!


So What’s Missing?



#1) I would rather be enjoying the beautiful views of Northern New England than filling out Insurance docs!

PLUS, ISN’T that what my insurance agent is for?

2) IF I’m going to be eating a HUGE banana 🍌 split,

(I already have a decent cell phone!)

AND once again, would

rather be enjoying


dreaming of country life,

with each yummy bite!

So get your copy of

Where the Cows Still Play


I promise,

it’s much less expensive than a cell phone!

(Psst it’s a great gift too!)

Buy it here!


you are perusing AMAZON,

why not check out

Another Fabulous book!


(Get the free shipping)

Kind Regards and raising my coffee mug to you – K


Do You Know What’s Missing From Your Breakfast?

Well, since you’re having pancakes. Could it be the sweet taste of Homemade NH or VT Maple Syrup?

Boiled from the sap of Maple Trees! YUMMY!!


A thoughtful quote?

Click of the sky over my house yesterday!








Where the Cows Still Play- Order Here


Self publishing!

Takes careful planning and a keen eye for detail!

I’m available for tips and proofreading!

Self- Marketing

IDEA– Advertise your masterpiece with a low low price!

Business cards (dual sided) from VISTA PRINT!

You can hand them out wherever you go!


My inspirational quote for your day-

Kind Regards

And believing in us – K

Do You Know What’s Missing from Your Pinterest board?

More motivational quotes!

Photography from a season “betwixt”- Fall and Winter in NEW ENGLAND!



A thought from me!




Where the Cows Still Play- BUY IT HERE!

Self marketing!

BE creative!

SHARE excerpts!

DO your research!

Never Give up!


A quote for today!

“If you have an idea of what you want to do in your future, you must go at it with almost monastic obsession, be it music, the ballet or just a basic degree. You have to go at it single-mindedly and let nothing get in your way.”

-Henry Rollins

Kind Regards and


YOU R Awesome – K

Photos and Thought from the Author from Where the Cows Still Play! Quotes from our favorite motivational app.

STOP the Presses!

So I just received a disturbing message from my aunt!

The WHERE the COWS STILL PLAY book, I wrote and published, in the revision, she received…. the first 14 pages are UPSIDE DOWN!

Amazon purchase link

Is this where the fun begins?


1). I have asked for my aunts numbers from her book, and any dates. I am hoping to narrow down exactly when she ordered it. Also, I requested any documentation of the date it was shipped.

2). I have contacted AMAZON. (24 hrs for response?)

3). I believe I will download another proof.

THIS IS Unknown territory!

I ENJOY a good challenge but… 😳

4) I just reviewed unit/books shipped.

5) Remember!!

I made final revisions early Sunday morning on September 9.


6) On September 9, two books shipped.

7) Then another two books shipped September 10th.

8) I know, the first 9, earlier in the week, were ok.

9) I have downloaded my proof, it looks perfect.


β˜•οΈHave you experienced this?

β˜•οΈAs always, comments welcome!


Haiku for this moment.

Waiting for the word.

Heartbeat is rapid and loud.

Breathe, focus, succeed.


Kind Regards

and fingers crossed – K


(Photo and quote from Text2Pic app)

Self Publishing- Always Learning 9.9.18 and a Sneak Peek

After meeting with my photographer, yesterday.

He took 99% of the photos.

There were a couple of minor changes I needed to make to the book.

The original “Moment of Moo”, has passed. No worries, it is still floating around like cloud wisps!

To assure that anyone who purchases a book. (All million of you, I’m dreaming! 😁) receives a quality manuscript, I’m doing a touch of editing!

Feeling anxious, I awoke at 2:30am. Hopped into the program to do my “quick” fix.

Ha! Ha! Ha! 🀣🀣🀣

In self-publishing “quick fix”, is not going to be in your vocabulary!

Beware any photos, that have a setting of BOLD!

For some reason, when I re-uploaded my file. Suddenly photos that were perfectly fine, NOW, extended into my margins!


Thankfully, Amazon tells you which pages have photos that need to be re-sized. They include a bright red exclamation point on those that need adjusting. (LOVE THIS!)

That was the easy part!

Stumped, I reopened my original word doc.

I went in and verified that my margins and gutter settings had NOT changed.

They had not! PHEW!

The only thing I noticed was hovering over some of the pics, they showed as BOLD faced type.

I un-clicked that setting, but slightly resized my photos too.

Better safe than sorry.


I had to re-upload three times. Once, Amazon bombed on me. Oops!

I pushed on through, started my upload again!

Ahhhh, sweet success!

Now, there are two different pages, with the final line, slightly shifted to the left???

The pages that originally had the problem are fixed.

It’s 3 hours and 3/4 of a pot of coffee later.

My paperback is live, with updates under review.

This review can take 72 hours. I like the fact they do a double check!

At this time, I had not touched the kindle. (Mine is not linked to my book)

I have decided to take it offline! πŸ€”

My gift worthy Coffee book really needs to be held and viewed with a relaxing cup of tea or afternoon toddy.

I just noticed, Where the Cows Still Play, is ranked #8 out of 100 in Amazon’s New releases in Northeast US Travel Guides!

If you have never been to the US, or New England this would be a fantastic way to visit. (No plane ticket required!)

Off I go, for fresh coffee.

🎢 β˜•οΈ 🎢

NOW as promised…


IMG_2454 enhanced

Covered Bridges

Made of wood

I would love to hear

Their tales of all

The things they’ve seen,Β 

Throughout those years they stood.

Wouldn’t it be great to hear?

An old bridge, spin one

If only that they could.


Happy Sunday all!

Kind Regards and wishing you the best day – K


JIROGERS six-word-story challenge-NAP

😴 Challenge! Fine tune your writing skills.

πŸŽ“ Checking for eyelid pinholes at noon.

πŸŽ“ Number one on dog’s daily checklist.

πŸŽ“ Infant wins face first porridge contest!

πŸŽ“ One thing in life still free!

πŸŽ“ Bought tickets to mid-afternoon snooze fest!

πŸŽ“ Have pillow. Will travel to dreamland.

πŸŽ“ In a flash, three hours passed.

πŸŽ“ Dancing to music, in my mind.

As you can see, I’m practicing.

Try a six word story challenge!


Happy Hump day!


Kind Regards – K

Like what we’re doing?

By K a cup of coffee Click here


First photo compliments of Butch Davis, Copyright 2018.

Singing the Creating a Table Of Contents in Word Doc blues

So I am sure you really do not want to hear about this.

But perhaps you can laugh with me. πŸ™‚ (blushing)

I spent 4 hours playing around with “attempting to” create

my “automatic” Table of Contents in Word doc, for this silly book.


My fingers, behind and many other places are numb! OMG!

So much for the ol’ computer savvy brain working. HaHaHa!

Usually, I am pretty quick to catch on with this type of thing.

I read all the HOW TO’s and tried each one.!!!!!


So I hopped onto the internet, which is what I usually do. (duh!)

Obviously i DID NOT drink enough coffee! Or perhaps I Β drank too much?

I watched a quick you tube video on how to “create a Table of Contents”

for DUMMIES! (ME!)

And of course within five minutes I had accomplished my task!



Can you hear the heavens singing? I sure can!!

So worthy of note for anyone trying to self publish and using a Word Doc.

The text instructions are terrible!

GO FOR the YOU Tube!!

Now I can have a good chuckle at myself and move onto bigger and better things.

The dogs are certainly ready for me to!

So off to see some sunlight we go!!

Just remember, “if at first you don’t succeed –YOU TUBE IT!”

Happy Monday to everyone!


Kind Regards and glad I bought that hair color – K