Another Day in NC 8.29.19

A week or so ago. Finally a break from the heat brought people out of their air conditioned existence.

Today, the heat wave is back. Back to hopping from Air conditioned building to the next.

I am so grateful for the AC!

What are you feeling grateful about?


Kind Regards -K

NC thoughts 7.10.19

I am so blessed to work as an Administrative Assistant for a local church. They aren’t just a church. They hold a yearly literacy program for Primary students! They also have summer Vacation Bible school and a pre-school throughout the school year.

Coming from the corporate world, I am awestruck by the positive atmosphere that these young children help create.

I don’t feel my new job is a pain, I embrace it’s refreshing atmosphere with open arms.

I am simply amazed at the difference. I hope that more people can/could experience positivity in their jobs.

Here’s to more individuals having the freedom to be happy at their “day” jobs.

Kind Regards

and #winning -K