What Are You Journaling About Today? 6.25.19

This morning I jotted down all the anxiety related things I pushed through yesterday.

Go me!

Grocery shopping can be a panic trigger. Why? So many sights, sounds, temperature changes AND people. All of these items put your body on alert.

Challenge yourself to go into the grocery store and buy 1 or 2 items. Then celebrate your success. Journal about how great it is!

It helps me to visualize how wonderful I’m going to feel once I have completed my shopping.

Next time slowly walk each aisle. Pay attention to all the items. Think positive!

You can do it. One step at a time.


Let me know how you do.

Kind Regards and #winning- K


Let Your Light Shine Thru

Behind the Eclipse, the sun is shining… K

Copyrighted and compliments of L.G. B. The Sun

5 Quotes to help you shine:

“In order for the light to shine so brightly,

the darkness must be present.” ~ Francis Bacon


“Be yourself. Above all, let who you are,

what you are, what you believe shine

through every sentence you write,

every piece you finish.” ~ John Jakes


“Try not to get lost in comparing yourself to others.

Discover your gifts and let them shine!

Softball is amazing that way as a sport.

Everyone on the field has a slightly different 

ability that makes them perfect for their position.

~Jennie Finch


“The sun does not shine for a few trees and flowers,

but for the wide world’s joy.” ~Henry Ward Beecher


“Beset by a difficult problem?

Now is your chance to shine.

Pick yourself up, get to work and

get triumphantly through it.” ¬†~Ralph Marston



5 Songs to sing:

Collective Soul – Shine youtube video. sing along!

Jordan Smith – Stand In The Light (Lyric Video)

jennifer lopez – feel the light lyrics (full song)

Demi Lovato – Neon Lights (Official Lyric Video)

Matchbox Twenty – Bright Lights (Video)



Eclipse now covers.

Behind, the sunshine glows bright.

Soon you’ll¬†shine again.




Kind Regards – K




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An Old Letter of Youth



I found an old tattered letter,

Tucked away in a box, as I

Sorted thru the depths of my closet.

Oh! such memories it did spark

Of the first true love

I had known.

I chuckled as I read it,

Because I knew

Since then,

How each of us had grown.


It had been a time of discovery,

Silliness, daydreaming and childlike

Youthful innocence.

Once, we had swore that our love

Would last forever ever and ever.

Nothing could possibly tear us apart.

Our parents knew the difference,

But showed support from the very start.



I looked back on those days of yesteryear

Of the dreams we had, that love so pure.

Daydreaming, I allowed myself

Some “what if” moments, had

Life’s circumstances’ allowed for us

To have continued on together.

I wondered where I would be?

And who, what and how

Would I be different on this day?

A little voice inside me, whispered.

It was sure, that my life was better now,

Than any other way.



Startled, from my day dream trance

By the trill of the phone,

I answered, it was my eldest.

At that moment, in my heart and soul

I knew the answer¬†my what if’s

Had been seeking.

The future and our path

God and the universe, help us choose

Is the one that turns out best.



Kind Regards and reminiscing – K


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Found A Feather-What Does it Mean?

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Feathers¬†

Have you found a feather recently?

Look below the pictures for possible meanings





20160728_185713 feather vintage

**Have you found a feather recently?

Take a look below to find out what it could mean.


This is the most common Angel feather, and is thought to be a sign of faith and protection. A white feather can also be your Angel telling you that any loved ones in heaven are safe and well. Read more about finding white feathers here.


A pink feather is a sign of love from your Angels. They are letting you know that their love is unconditional.


Purple is a colour that represents spirituality. Perhaps your Angels are prompting you to activate higher thought and connectivity.


A red feather represents courage, strength, stability and good fortune. If you’ve been going through a difficult time of late, your Angels are sending comfort to let you know how strong you are.


Should you find a yellow feather, your Angels may be nudging you to smile, have fun and enjoy life!


Green feathers represent prosperity and growth. If you find a green feather, you’re in luck!


Blue represents communication, so a blue feather may well be your Angels telling you to listen! Blue is also a sign of peace and protection.


Grey feathers can symbolize peace, as well as neutrality. If you see a grey feather in your path, your Angels may be trying to tell you that the answer to a certain situation may not be as straightforward as a yes or no. Read more about grey feathers here.


Brown feathers symbolize home and grounding. Perhaps your home life will see positivity soon!


A black feather is a sign of protection from your Angels. They are here to guard you and repel negative energy. Read more about black feathers here.


Orange feathers will bring you attraction and success! This is a sign that any new ideas or opportunities are approved by your Angels.

No matter what the colour or meaning, finding feathers is a true blessing and a sign of love from your Angels.

**reference to wishing moon – http://www.wishingmoon.com/feathers-appear-when-angels-are-near-what-is-the-meaning-of-finding-feathers/

Kind Regards and feeling a bit flighty – K


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Do You Remember, FUN?



I am reaching out for YOUR HELP!

What are your thoughts on this?

Where do you suggest I start?

Do you struggle with this too?

Please share anything and everything!


Here is the background:

WordPress’ weekly photo

Challenge is here!

The subject is fun!

What is fun?

Do you remember?

In one split second,

Can you clearly define

Your current thoughts 

Of having a good time?


Instantanious visualizations

Of past events of me laughing

Quickly flicker, fast forward

Like a mini slideshow thru my mind.

But truthfully, when was the last time

Such a carefree occurrence, did I find

Myself smack in the middle of

Without a whole lot of prep and

Trepidation, battling inner fear?


What a scary thought, I am thinking,

That, it’s no longer my norm,

At what point did my life go

From heartfelt enjoyment,

To some type of dark storm?

Another goal to aspire to,

Again, a chance at #winning!

Then i saw these… and it all ¬†made sense.




Kind Regards and winning – K









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Our Greatest Treasures

“There are amazingly wonderful people

in all walks of life; some familiar to us

and others not. Stretch yourself and

really get to know people.

People are in many ways one

of our greatest treasures. ‚ÄĚ

‚Äē Bryant H. McGill


You and I


Close, like eighth grade

Best friends forever,

From elementary school,

Whispering giggled secrets.



green naturall framed orange shroom


Love, rare as

Lady slipper’s blossoms

Found in the back

New England woods.


clouds above the hill framed nicely


Time, passing like

Wind swept clouds.

Across deep blue skies

Disappearing from view

Is what we’re wasting.



heart thru the trees


Hearts, two came

together as one.

Are we only 

Actors on Broadway?

Playing our scenes

Through all three acts

And the time, has come

For one final curtain call?

Or will the script

We are creating together

Continue to Act IV?



Kind Regards and reaching out РK


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