Some woman

I look in my mirror

Haven’t a clue

Who’s looking back at me.

There’s some woman,

She’s wearing wrinkles

From grins,

A touch Of sadness

And such.

I see kind thoughtful eyes

Vividly twinkling

As 4th of July sparklers,

That may come from a life

Still Yearning to learn

Yet, perhaps from a past

That has seen too much.

Kind Regards

and # winning -K


Photography compliments of K of TheBlackWallBlog. Quote from the Motivation app.


Tuesday Mind Tools


Start each day reading some inspirational quotes.

I find it frees my mind from worry.

I become more open to hope and aware of the positivity of the day.


Kind Regards and #winning -K


photography compliments and copyrighted by BGage and K of TheBlackWallBlog 2018.

Honesty clause:

Also, part of K’s Snapseed experiment.

Parting is such…

Thoughts on Monday…

It’s 3 am eastern standard time.

One more day than back onto the plane I go. My visit has gone so quickly.

I’m  sitting  on the front porch, surrounded by darkness tap tap tapping away on my daughter’s laptop. (A real learning curve for this G’ma)!

Sipping coffee, listening to the night sounds, crickets,tweets, chirps, hoots and a few neighborhood dogs barking in the distance.

A few early risers whiz by heading off to wherever it is they go this time of day.

Some are off to a local Nascar garage, work never done. I just saw a truck pulling a car trailer.

I wonder which team(s)?


My vacation visiting my loved ones is almost over.

I have embraced special moments, captured so many yet never enough

memories on my camera to hold close to my heart after the trip home.

The bright side!

What a GREAT time to start planning the next trip. 🙂



We want S’more, please!!



Kind Regards and feeling blessed  – K



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