Another Day in NC 8.29.19

A week or so ago. Finally a break from the heat brought people out of their air conditioned existence.

Today, the heat wave is back. Back to hopping from Air conditioned building to the next.

I am so grateful for the AC!

What are you feeling grateful about?


Kind Regards -K

What Are You Journaling About Today? 6.25.19

This morning I jotted down all the anxiety related things I pushed through yesterday.

Go me!

Grocery shopping can be a panic trigger. Why? So many sights, sounds, temperature changes AND people. All of these items put your body on alert.

Challenge yourself to go into the grocery store and buy 1 or 2 items. Then celebrate your success. Journal about how great it is!

It helps me to visualize how wonderful I’m going to feel once I have completed my shopping.

Next time slowly walk each aisle. Pay attention to all the items. Think positive!

You can do it. One step at a time.


Let me know how you do.

Kind Regards and #winning- K