Do You Know What’s Missing from Your Coffee Table?


Our book!!


Where the Cows Still Play

Makes an


Self marketing!


What DO YOU do?


Sharing a thought

for the day-

Kind Regards and

Believing in you – K

Trademark of New England’s Fall

White birch baseline the communities of pumpkin orange shades, deep burgundy reds, evergreen groves, while mixed copper and chestnut browns are enhanced by splashes of  the faded yellows and limes that quilt the New England mountainsides.

Thursday morning coffee word-play. 

Kind Regards – K 


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Photography copyrighted and compliments of BGage 2017

Friday the 13th Myth Or Mindset?

Each day is what we believe

It to be.

Friday the 13th

In my mind

Is a good luck day!
Find that positive.

Black cats are beautiful!

I will admit,

After I have spilled some,

I still throw salt over my



Join me in my journey

Of viewing the muted colors of

Fall 2017 in Vermont!

I didn’t see any

Bad Luck.

Did you?



Kind Regards from  VT – K


Photography copyrighted

and compliments

Of TheBlackwallBlog 10/2017.

On Fire!

The Morning sky ….





The old Ski Lodge in Ascutney, VT….





Behind the burned lodge you can see the trails pre-ski-season ….



Just Remember-


“Transformation is a process,

and as life happens there are tons of ups and downs.

It’s a journey of discovery –

there are moments on mountaintops

and moments in deep valleys of despair.”

~Rick Warren



The trails don’t look so sad without the burned building….








Kind Regards and seeing the positive – K




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