Reblog A Haiku Challenge 9.10.18

Comment-a-Haiku Poetry Contest! – Submit Your Poem

Eclipse cloaked your truth.

Love will free your inner light.

Soon you’ll shine again.

The idea is to go to where the original challenge was set up and support the other people who entered the challenge!

Fantastic idea!

I need to learn more and practice Haikus! But I thought I would give it a try!

Kind Regards – K

Melody Haiku attempt, plus 1

It has been just over 20 something years

since I attempted to write a Haiku. 

Critique away, please… “)



Notes create music

Lyrics, life’s experience

Reflected by song.





 Face Your Fears and They disappear

I’m facing those fears

Slaying ferocious monsters

One at a time, Poof!


Kind Regards and thinking 5,7,5 – K


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