Twenty-three inches of snow in just over 18 hours!! 

Snowed in! 

Stressed out! 

Unable to get out of the driveway.

Cannot get to work!

Mind is  racing!

What’s the choice?

A) Worry, spinning thoughts that head straight for panic!

B) Grab the remote, some popcorn, call into work, explain the situation, hit the couch, movie day!

What would you do?

I started with A. Assessed the situation, seriously headed for…FREAK OUT mode!

Looked myself in the mirror and exclaimed, REALLY? 

Today, I AM CHOOSING Option B.

Life is what it is. We can’t control everything! We can’t let everything control us! Sometimes you have to stop fighting and accept what is. 

Easy to learn? 


Impossible to learn?

Definitely not!

Try it! 

Live in the moment. 


Soooo, This is L-I-V-I-N-G’?



Kind Regards and today we are 

#winning -K