What IS a Blue Star MOM?

My first time reaching out via social media:

In 2010 while my son was deployed, I ordered my flag and proudly displayed it in my front window.

I was amazed at the number of people that did not have a clue why I had that blue star flag in my window. 

My neighbor, had a flag with 2 blue stars in hers, She knew.

So many questions on FB… “What are you talking about? A Blue what??”

So I answered:


The Service flag, also called the Blue Star Flag, was designed and patented by WWI Army Captain Robert L. Queisser of the 5th Ohio Infantry who had two sons serving on the front line. The flag quickly became the unofficial symbol of a child in service.

President Wilson became part of this history when in 1918 he approved a suggestion made by the Women’s Committee of the Council of National Defenses that mothers who had lost a child serving in the war wear a gold gilt star on the traditional black mourning arm band.

This led to the tradition of covering the blue star with a gold star on the Service flag to indicate that the service member has died.

 Link to the full History



A Military Mom’s Poem

Give me the greatness of heart to see,
The difference between duty and his love for me.

Give me understanding, so that I may know,
When duty calls him, he must go.

Give me a task to do each day,
To fill the time when he’s away.

When he’s in a foreign land,
Keep him safe in your loving hand.

And Lord, when duty is in the field,
Please protect him and be his shield.

And Lord, when deployment is so long,
Please stay with me and keep me strong.

Author unknown

K’s home in 2010

Becoming a Military Parent

On behalf of the Blue Star Mother’s of America, it is with great honor that we welcome you into the journey of being a military parent!

We are there with you as you cross the bridge to becoming a Blue Star Mother and Father to support you in any way we can.

We are a support group, whose members consist of Mothers, Fathers, Spouses, Siblings, Grandparents, Extended Family and Friends of someone who has or has had a loved one in the military. We support each other, our military and veterans.

Since WWI mothers have hung “Blue Star Flags” in their windows while their children served in the armed forces especially during conflicts or wars.

To be a Blue Mother or Father is an Honor only your child can give to you. The Blue Star stands for hope and pride.

Becoming a military parent continues the life long journey … of hope and pride. As when your child was born, you were filled with that hope and pride as well as excitement, anxiety, fear and great joy. As you step into the walk of being a military parent that journey continues and once again life changes. You find yourself noticing even more the patriotic symbols all around you, flying your United States flag with a different kind of pride. Thus “Supporting Our Troops” in a way you have probably never before.

Life changes, as your child will hold him or herself to a higher standard, you too will find it changes your life. Forever supporting your child in a different way with even more hope and pride for serving our country to keep our land free.

May you and your child be blessed while this journey of life unfolds!
Remember: “To be a Blue Star Mother or Father is an Honor only your child can give to you!”

Written by: Jean T. Duane
National 2nd Vice President ~ 2007



Link to resources , suggested readings The Blue Star Mothers of NH our Mission



a video which touched my heart ❤



 We wish to remember and extend our deepest sympathies

to all Gold Star Families.

May we always remember those who gave all for our country.

The Final Roll Call

We thought of you with love today
But that is nothing new.

We thought about you yesterday
And days before that too.

We think of you in silence
We often speak your name.

Now all we have are memories
And your picture in a frame.

Your memory is our keepsake
With which we’ll never part

God has you in His keeping
We have you in our Heart.

~Author Unknown  

Kind Regards and All my loving thoughts  – K


#22 and Little Book Big Results



What am I passionate  about? I  am passionate about  the number 22!

That is the number of American veterans we are losing everyday to suicide!

This  needs to STOP!




Veterans helping vets website


Little Book Big Results:


What  else am I passionate about? Helping people who suffer from anxiety!

We attempt to live normal lives and it holds us back.

Good news, a friend gave me a book to read while I was on this trip!

Within 5 minutes of  cracking the cover and trying a few brain rewire techniques

I had tackled some of  my anxiety. I was amazed! Give it a try!


The name of the book “The Anti-anxiety Toolkit”

Rapid Techniques to Rewire the Brain

Author- Melissa Tiers





Kind Regards and hoping to make a difference – K



Daily Post Passionate

#Winning 3



Inside, her mind conjures flashed negative visions

of failure scenarios.

Outside, raw Inner Fear causes her upper body to

tremble and shake.

Sounds of quick shallow breaths escape, as she mentally,

attempts to gain control. Searching for reality, brain waves

frantically scurry through her frenzied thoughts.


Head tilted downward, lashes lowered, eyes barely open, 

overwhelming bright overhead lights and too large an area

cause her to abandon her attempt to scan the entire room.

She switches her minuscule wisp of concentration to locating

a closer target, to gaze upon, fixate.


On the yellow legal pad in front of her, nearly legible,

jagged edge doodles and pen scrawled words,  

quivering digits continue writing, diagonal, across and down.






 Slowly inhaling then exhaling,

she starts writing the familiar list:

Focus on now.

Breathe slowly.

Believe in yourself.

Remember all you have accomplished!

Relax those shoulder muscles!

Smile, this is just a learned response!

Visualize yourself calm.

Your simple steady positive reprogramming is working!


Tick Tock, Tick Tock….

Once again, the attack subsides, she is back.








Kind Regards and Winning – K


Daily Photography challenge Edge

Daily post/prompt Recharge

Our Greatest Treasures

“There are amazingly wonderful people

in all walks of life; some familiar to us

and others not. Stretch yourself and

really get to know people.

People are in many ways one

of our greatest treasures. ”

― Bryant H. McGill


You and I


Close, like eighth grade

Best friends forever,

From elementary school,

Whispering giggled secrets.



green naturall framed orange shroom


Love, rare as

Lady slipper’s blossoms

Found in the back

New England woods.


clouds above the hill framed nicely


Time, passing like

Wind swept clouds.

Across deep blue skies

Disappearing from view

Is what we’re wasting.



heart thru the trees


Hearts, two came

together as one.

Are we only 

Actors on Broadway?

Playing our scenes

Through all three acts

And the time, has come

For one final curtain call?

Or will the script

We are creating together

Continue to Act IV?



Kind Regards and reaching out – K


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Daily Post Connection

Jump Off the Worry Train

Art by Anita PRINTS OR GREETING CARDS sold with or without Quote and on Zen to Zany watermark on Prints)- Etsy.com
Happy Saturday!- Today, we have a bit of worrisome prose.
(Oopsee!! That can be taken more than one way, hmmm.)
Then I hope you try a couple of suggested apps that may help take your mind 
 off your worries. I am looking forward to your comments!

My mind continues spinning
With worry fretting thoughts.
I reach out into the darkness
Searching for an elusive off switch.
I'm on a south bound journey,
On the worry train and it's gaining speed.
Clickity clack was the sound of the wheels when I started,
But now it's a constant fast pace of click clack click.

An announcement and the sound of the whistle blowing,
Alerts me to an upcoming stop ahead.
As the train gets closer to my destination,
The clickity clack sound returns. 
It is telling me the wheels are slowing 
And I know it won't be long,
Until I am back on solid ground.
At last the worry train comes to a stop,
My mind clears and I see reality. 

This trip was shorter than the last.
So I know my journeys on that train,
Will soon be coming to an end.
It's been countless hours
Of hard work, mindfulness and meditation 
But by using all my tools, I once again have won! 

Now for the good stuff!!


Here are some apps that can be very helpful to pull you out of worry mode.
Three are part of the Free Happify.com app.
One is Uplift and the other is Savor Quest. There is also a fabulous Meditation section– all in the very beginning. Give them a try and let me know what you think.
The next app is from a game called  Mad Libs. The game originated in 1950. Yes! That IS before my time. ha!  I played from the time I was five and then I used to play with my children. It is a blast with two people or a group! 
What are Madlibs? Short stories with the **Nouns (person, place or thing), Adjectives (describes something), Adverbs (verbs generally ending in ly), Verbs (action word), pronouns and possibly, numbers, name of person in room and body parts etc. removed. The person who’s turn it is to tell the rest what is needed, doesn’t tell anyone the title of the story.  They just randomly ask the others to give them a/an **see above.
The stories that come out can be totally hilarious. Have you ever played? 
Look for Madglibs.com  online or madlibs.com under the Google apps to download. Looks like there are several others. I just haven’t tried them.  They also still come in the original paper pad form. You can find them at Target or order them online. 




“With anything in life, I think that’s when you start stressing yourself out – when you start worrying about the things that are out of your control. What I can control is being at my best every day and having no regrets at the end of each day. That’s what I plan on doing.”- Scott Tolzien

“If you can’t sleep, then get up and do something instead of lying there worrying. It’s the worry that gets you, not the lack of sleep.” – Dale Carnegie

“Happy is the man who has broken the chains which hurt the mind, and has given up worrying once and for all.” – Ovid



King Regards and Sunshine – K








Out of My Comfort Zone I Go


#MiracleChallenge -I choose #2 

Write a Poetry using two words-

I stumbled onto some wonderful new blogs in Solidarity Inspirer’s -I want more followers, likes and comments club!  There is one in particular that has a weekly challenge. I am intrigued, excited and a bit nervous but I am going to give it a try. Why not. We should try and/or learn something new everyday so I definitely shouldn’t miss such a unique opportunity. BREATHE – Here goes nothing…. 😉 

Miracle Girl Blog Challenge Week – 2


How do they do it so polished and concise?

To Paint a picture with such precision,

Using a page or paper as the canvas.

Strokes of the paint brush shows their style,

Words are the colours from the palette,

Life is the model of which they paint.

I am a mere  apprentice

And can only hope, learn and aspire

To become such a great writer as they.




“Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough. “-Og Mandino

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.”- Norman Vincent Peale

Have a fabulous Friday!!


Kind Regards and comfort zones be trampled – K 😉



Daily post – Awe