Moving Day! Yikes!

Happy Saturday!

It’s an extremely cold single digit temperature, this early a.m.! Brrrr!

I’m sitting here amongst 2 gigantic walls of boxes thinking 🤔 Damn! I sure could use a Riverside Restaurant, (Springfield, VT), Reuben and some fries!!! Ha! Ha!

I’m sipping on a wee hour of the morning, coffee… my “Hope I haven’t forgotten anything thoughts”, are swirling! 😳🤷🏻‍♀️

Well the gang showed up!

Truck picked up and packed!

Left early evening to get a head start! There is a big snow storm moving in down South.

Just wanted to drop by with an update and a hello!

Drove about 2 hours…

Thought for today:

Love and Kind Regards – K


Co-piloting is hard work!

Feeling homesick for New England?

We’ve got your cure !

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As one review states,

Your Coffee table is



Don’t put off until tomorrow that which you can do today!”


Hugs, K

June Photography Challenge With a Six-Word Story 7.29.18

Scrolling through my favorite blogs,

I noticed Cee’s photography had posted a list of Blog challenges.

One grabbed my attention- A “quarterly” Photography challenge by

“The Life of B”.

For June: #RoofSquares

The Life of B will post their next challenge in September, 2018!

Watch for it!

Until then, our belated rooftop photos.

Combined, with Six-Word-Story: late.😄

“June challenge joined in late July.”- K

“She couldn’t unspeak the spoken words.” – K

Photo by Butch Davis 7.2018

“Butch almost missed the moon rising.” – K

“As I worried, the day passed.” – K

Photo by Butch Davis 7.2018

“Remember when farming was our life?” – K

Photo by BGage 7.2018

“The bride missed her own wedding.” – K

Photo by K at TheBlackWallBlog 6.2018

“The fox had long since gone.” – K

“I should have joined you, yesterday.” – K

That was really fun! 

I hope you enjoyed it too!


Do YOU have a favorite challenge or two? 

If so, we would love to hear about it/them! 

Feel free to post them in our comments!

Picture 176

“No matter what people tell you, words

       and ideas can change the world.”

– Robin Williams



Kind Regards and 

       never a dull moment - K



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**Photography compliments and copyrighted by BDavis, BGage and K. 2018.

Our Back yard in Southern New England

How lucky are we

To have captured

For all eyes to see

Still water,

Mirrored glass

Reflecting a vibrant sky.

Diversified deep blues

Interwoven amongst

Tumescent white clouds.

A natural artist canvas,

Picture framed by

Rolling mountains of

A multitude of

Various lush flourishing

Green trees

Rising above a youthful

Legion spread of a

Multitude of sprouting

plants and a sand colored


No matter

Where we roam,

Countryside in NH

Holds ones heart and

Forevermore, remains

The only place known,

As roots of origin,

That inherent place

Best described as

Our cherished home.


Kind Regards and hugs – K


Photography compliments & copyright of BGage, 2018

My backyard 4/2018

Quick click, bumpity bump!


A beautiful Thursday!


Picnic tables all in a row

What can you see as a mode of transportation in this click?



Found my missing ladder!


Playful silhouettes!


Proof of Spring’s arrival!



View from the John Deere tractor. First time mowing in 2018!


My yearly Holly berry that awaits for me to rake so that it can brightly say Surprise! 🤣


Look!! Another surprise awaits to be discovered.


What’s happening in your backyard?

We would love it if you would share with us!

By quote, pic or prose your choice!


Kind Regards and wishing you all a Happy Spring -K


Photography compliments of BGage, K of TheBlackWallBlog and ADierks. Copyrighted 2018