Reblog Fun Six Word story – COVERT

“She cried quietly after everyone left. ” – K

“Renaming a casserole enhanced their appetites. “- K

“Macaroni and Cheese became Macaroni surprise” -K

“The above is a true story.”-K

“Motherhood, opens numerous creative opportunity windows.”- K

Six word stories!

“Have you attempted to write one?”

“Jump right in, give it a try!”



Photos and 6 Word stories Challenge reblog

Loving jirogers and his six word story fun.

Today, I thought: Let’s mix it up a bit! Add a splash.

Subject: Existence

Give it a try!

“Grandchildren enhance existence, simply with presence.” K

“Her heart embraced his selfless love” – K

“Fond memories kept her brother alive.” – K

“Her mysterious life path continues on.” -K

“As he left, her heart shattered.” – K

“She captured nature’s gift on digital” – K

“Aromatic Coffee poured into her cup.” – K

“Life’s too short for small pancakes.” – K


Kind Regard

And blogging onwards – K

🐾🐾 Photography compliments of KoftheBlackWallBlog and Photofunia. 2018.

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