K’s Blog Recommendations 12.29.18

She’s baaack!

Good morning!

Got your coffee β˜•οΈ?

Yes!! Finally, I have had a chance to read and discover a variety of new and enjoyed a few of my old favorites! We have a wonderful, diversely talented family that surrounds us in the blogging world. πŸ’•

Do Enjoy!














Kind Regards – K

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Great Things are Happening! 10.19.18

Please be patient with me.

I am running a bit behind this week.

There are major “positive” changes happening in my life.


Often, when times seem bleak and you are feeling lost. Thinking and fretting while wondering what the hell you are going to do? Because things are NOT working….


The universe opens a door to an opportunity. An opportunity which causes a ripple and suddenly everything is falling into place. Your heart, soul and your mind know, THIS IS THE PATH, you must follow!


I am, selling my house after 22 years. (Yikes) YES! I have an offer! WOW!


Packing and preparing to move from NH to NC!


I will be closer to my littlest granddaughter!

Finally, I will be able to watch her grow!

Lots of glorious G’ma hugs in my future! β€οΈβ˜€οΈβ€οΈ


“The warmth of the rays of glorious sunshine surround me!” 🌞


Kind Regards and thinking of all of you- K


How to Get More Followers Blog Thoughts 8.28.18.

Be positive!

But take no crap!

Protect your followers!

I had an interesting incident today.

I had published my post.

A quick spurt of comments started popping up.

At first I thought someone was pulling my leg.

Poking a bit of fun!

“BRING IT ON”, I thought.

Is there anything better than healthy banter back and forth?

If I can’t make fun of myself , what am I doing here? πŸ˜„πŸ€“

Unfortunately, abusive comments started.

It’s not too often that someone uses the “F” word in the blogging world, unless they’re really trying to make a point!

I attempted to visit the blogger and it was set to private.

No biggie! I’ve seen that before…

The filth became so bad, I took a screenshot!

It’s headed to Word press!

They can take care of the nasty little bugger!

Probably some kid with nothing better to do.


Take Note: Make sure that your settings are:

*Automatically post comments = NO.

*Always Moderate before comments post!

Moving on… 😎



Kind Regards and big giant smiles & hugs – K


Can you see me?

You, sitting on the edge

Of my couch

Head tilted to your phone.

Can you hear me?

You sitting there

Physical body present,

Mindset unknown.

Can you talk to me?

You sitting there,

Quietly disengaged.

My inquiries,

Go unanswered.

Why are you here?

You sitting there,



I feel trapped,



Kind Regards

and present – K