Random Rounds of Self

Funk in

Funk out.

Highs and Lows

Lows and Highs.

Yes u cans.

Can you yes?

Why yes I can!



I can allow myself to see the possibilities!

Stop the vicious circle of fear that,

Goes ’round and ’round in my head.

Hop off.


Okay, maybe a little more,

Rest a minute….

Dream a little dream…

See the sun through the rain….



Oh how many times, must I self talk myself through?

For as long as it takes.

As long as it takes?

That is  correct.

Roger that.

Onward I go.




Kind Regards and # winning  -K



An Eye Opener

my natural heart from bri


Two years together

And what is there to show?

Of the love we’ve shared,

Of precious time spent?

We’ve chattered, laughed,

Giggled with silliness,

Down well traveled roads,


Think of all we’ve done,

Accomplished and over come.



Today, marked the start

Of a new journey

We’ve never yet explored.

After one and half weeks of tests,

Yes, today 

We received the news,

A confirmed reservation,

LGB is late in Stage 2.

It hit’s me

Circumstances have dictated

Tho I’m the professed

Love of his life,

I’ve remained,

The girl in the shadows.


How going forward,

Do I help him

Win this battle?

What role do I play,

As a warrior in this fight?

Only by a forward step

Into that bright sun-light

Can I truly be his partner,

To crusade and lobby,

Grow the strongest army.

As we enter into war

Against this new found plight.


Positive thoughts and prayers are all we ask….




Kind Regards – K and LGB

aka BGage on Viewbug.









Photo challenge Security

Word press word prompt Outlier

Winter Rumbles

Looking out my back door today,

Wednesday-February 15, 2017.

A wintry white mix  is falling in

Southern New Hampshire.

I realize the temperature is

 above freezing as the icicles

reaching  down from the roof’s 

snow overhang are just starting

to drip.

I grab my phone to snap a couple

Of pics I think might spark a 

happy memory or two when I 

message them to my daughter 

down south.

Done! I say “c’mon kids,” to the 

dogs  who have joined me and are 

romping  through the snow on the 

deck.  Inside we go. Not 5 minutes

later, I hear the now familiar

rumble of the metal roof getting 

ready to shrug it’s heavy load. 

Rumble, ka thump, ka thump,

rumble, BOOM, rumble, ka thump,

Rumble, BOOM!

And here we have it! A 3 foot wall

of snow leaning against the very 

back door I was clicking pics 

from not ten minutes before.

Abby checking out our new 


One has to LOVE New England’s winter! 

Kind Regards and off to shovel K

Against the Odds

There’s GOLD in them trees!

New England is known for it’s tree gold.

That amber liquid known as Maple Syrup.

Whether from NH or VT, the battle continues as the old timers and those not so old continue the argument about who’s is better. The argument itself along with the actual act of making it, is  a time honored tradition. I truly believe it’s an ingredient!

A recipe that has been handed down  generation to generation.


Best story I have heard, came from an ol’ friend. She was driving along a familiar  back country road one day,  came upon a vehicle with “out of state” license plates.

She saw two ladies on the side of the road, picking up leaves from the ground and placing them in a bucket. Feeling inquisitive, she stopped and asked what they were doing.

To which they replied, we are gathering maple leaves to take home and boil, so we can make home made maple syrup.

Oh how we chuckled about that one.

Sorry ladies, that is not how it’s done.


For those of you who don’t know. Maple syrup comes from “the sap” of maples trees.

A spigot is pounded into the tree, the sap drips into a bucket that is hung on the spigot.

(note: It doesn’t hurt the trees!)

These days, as you can see from these pics, the time consuming driving around from tree to tree emptying of each bucket has been replaced by a more modern way.

Don’t let this simple looking process fool you. It is not a job for wimps!

Muscles, a unwavering amount patience, warm days, cold nights  mixed with friends and family helping is just the start.

Basically, the process is to heat the sap to a boil, to decrease the water  content.

When done accurately, it produces rich golden sweet tongue pleasing syrup.

This is done is  in what we call a  sugar house.

It takes 40 parts maple sap to make 1 part maple syrup (10 gallons sap to make 1 quart syrup). Because of the large quantity of steam generated by boiling sap, it is not recommended to boil indoors.


Tap my trees- a link on the process

Kind Regards

and happy pancakes – K


Resilient Hope

img_5593As I read in Wikipedia.org

about the sweet little birds 

pictured above and below;



“The black-capped chickadee is a small, nonmigratory,

North American songbird that lives in deciduous and mixed forests.”




It’s “nonmigratory trait”  brought to mind:



A thought to carry within our hearts

            as we enter into another New Year…


“Love’s grandest gift is

Presence, not presents.” – K




Kind Regards and Happy New Year to all – K


(Photos copyrighted and compliments of L.G.B.)




Celebrate- YOU!



Perhaps, today’s a good day

To relax, revel in your own joy 

Of the now,



Just where you are at.


Take a sanity break

‘Cuz, continuously

Running round in circles

Makes ya dizzy

And what’s the use of that?


Breathe deeply and enjoy

Sit back, and take a load off.

Celebrate your success,

For all that you have done

You put forth the grandest effort,



How far that you have come!




Kind Regards and celebrating “our” existence- K



52 Weeks Of Thankfulness #6

I am thankful for the 4 seasons in New England. 

Having had the wonderful opportunity to have lived in Oregon and

Arizona, though I embraced their unique beauty,

My heart  still belongs to New England.

Fall is my favorite,

Spring comes second

and Winter and Summer tie for 3rd.


**Shared via  pics of our New England backyard 

along with a couple of Zen to Zany’s

thought provoking prints…


**Pictures are compliments of L.G.B –

aka: “Mr October” in the 2017 AGCO Calendar.

 Check it out if you have a chance.

Sorry, it’s his prize winning photo, not him in his Speedo… smirk.






Keep moving forward one step at a time…. 








Kind Regards and feeling ghoulishly thankful- K



WordPress – Local



At twenty-two her mother’s 

Faith filled blue eyes

Had grounded me.

She was my saving grace with

A reminder that her life, was

More precious than my own.

She, a tiny being that within me

A seed planted had been nurtured

When she arrived, oh how brightly

The sun had shown.

And I vowed to be the best mom

A gal could ever be.


When I was twenty-five

He came along and showed my why

Little boys steal their mother’s heart.

His deep brown eyes so trusting

And his little hand that reached out

Had me smitten from the start.

And again I knew

He and his sister were the best things

My heart would forever call it’s own.

And I vowed to be the best mom

A gal could ever be.


Many years have passed

As our lives continued on.

Nothing can prepare one

For playing the parent’s role.

No matter what path they take

The good, scary and possibly

Some brief forgotten moments

That proved I’m truly brave.

Their childhood and mere existence

Continue to let me know

That unique feeling

I am blessed with, the

Best things in life,

As I’ve watched them grow.



As time’s early beginning

Ancestry’s continues on,

Like baseball’s seventh inning.

A grandchild comes along

Your heart which you think is

Already, Oh so full.

Grows itself another love layer,

Held with the mightiest

And tiniest stitches that

Nature has ever sewn.




And to think it all started with

A tiny little girl and boy

My heart will forever call it’s own.

 Kind Regards- G’ma K






















Daily prompt Graceful

Parting is such…

Thoughts on Monday…

It’s 3 am eastern standard time.

One more day than back onto the plane I go. My visit has gone so quickly.

I’m  sitting  on the front porch, surrounded by darkness tap tap tapping away on my daughter’s laptop. (A real learning curve for this G’ma)!

Sipping coffee, listening to the night sounds, crickets,tweets, chirps, hoots and a few neighborhood dogs barking in the distance.

A few early risers whiz by heading off to wherever it is they go this time of day.

Some are off to a local Nascar garage, work never done. I just saw a truck pulling a car trailer.

I wonder which team(s)?


My vacation visiting my loved ones is almost over.

I have embraced special moments, captured so many yet never enough

memories on my camera to hold close to my heart after the trip home.

The bright side!

What a GREAT time to start planning the next trip. 🙂



We want S’more, please!!



Kind Regards and feeling blessed  – K



Daily Post Together

#22 and Little Book Big Results



What am I passionate  about? I  am passionate about  the number 22!

That is the number of American veterans we are losing everyday to suicide!

This  needs to STOP!




Veterans helping vets website


Little Book Big Results:


What  else am I passionate about? Helping people who suffer from anxiety!

We attempt to live normal lives and it holds us back.

Good news, a friend gave me a book to read while I was on this trip!

Within 5 minutes of  cracking the cover and trying a few brain rewire techniques

I had tackled some of  my anxiety. I was amazed! Give it a try!


The name of the book “The Anti-anxiety Toolkit”

Rapid Techniques to Rewire the Brain

Author- Melissa Tiers





Kind Regards and hoping to make a difference – K



Daily Post Passionate

52 Weeks of Thankfulness #4

IMG_5902 (1).jpg

This morning I  received news from home  the temperature  was down to 44 degrees! Yikes!

Here in the south I am spending my time escaping the heat and humidity  by bouncing in and out of  air conditioning. Quite the contrast.

#1 I am thankful  for the time I am spending with my daughter and little granddaughter.

No matter what the weather, 2 1/2 year old Grandma K hugs are the best.

I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful opportunity to feel those sweet little arms around my neck with special  just because kisses.





#2  9/11 – I  am thankful that my cousin tends to run late. She was late that day we will NEVER FORGET. Therefore, she was not in the building. Since, no one has ever given her any flack about her tendency to be tardy.

In honor of the 15 year anniversary of that fateful day, I decided  to try an experiment.

I  sat stationary  on the front porch, as the breeze whipped about the American Flag , I took random shots.  Here are some of the results.


9/11 Quotes


Kind Regards and feeling thankful for special moments – K











Good afternoon,

Ya wondering where I am?


Monday, I kissed my best buds goodbye and headed for Boston, MA.

You can see Abby was extremely impressed that “mom” was leaving, NOT!



L.G.B. stopped  in Monday night to see how the hairy kiddos were handling things.

There was The Chiefster, showing his enthusiasm for “mom” being gone.  😦




Tuesday morning I headed for Logan Airport.

The airport and the flight was filled with the least amount of “travel enthusiasm” I have ever witnessed.  It was an unusually somber group.

I am quite sure, it was attributed to the anniversary of 9/11.

Everyone seemed pensive and sullen.. I have never in my 30 plus years of travel, seen anything similar.


Around 11ish I had my head in the clouds, literally!!

The weather was warm and sunny, with a few scattered clouds! What a beautiful day to fly!

You could see for miles!!  (…and miles and miles!)






I am NOT –  MIA! But safe and sound in Mooresville, NC!! (AKA- Race city, USA!)

OH! Dinner’s ready, we are having Pasta Primavera! Gotta go!!


“Sometimes things aren’t clear right away.

That’s where you need to be patient and persevere

and see where things lead.” ~ Mary Pierce

C’ya soon!

Kind Regards and missing my friends- K












Daily post Perplexed