Our lil’ corner of NH

This week we are joining Cee’s ‘Share Your world’ photography challenge! A creative way to start 2017! 

A unique way to stay warm on this sunny,  yet 20 degree winter’s day. brrrr! Answering 4 questions and sharing a peek of our part of East coast, USA. 

Would you prefer to receive a unicycle, bicycle, tricycle or motorcycle?    I would say motorcycle, there are so many places to cruise to in the United States. I’ve ridden all over New England but there are so many places I long to go. 

Would you prefer to fly a kite or fly in a hot air balloon?  Both!! Goal, head up to the yearly Queeche Gorge Hot Air Balloon Festival in Vermont or drive to a Maine beach when summer rolls around!!

What is one thing you’d like to accomplish this year? We have talked about capturing and sharing our part of New England throughout all 4 seasons. Six if you count Mud season and Fallinter. 🙃

What was one of the highlights of 2016 for you?    Hitting 500 followers on our blog!    LGB rediscovered his passion for photography in 2016.  I think his photographs played a large role in that achievement. 😎

We made it! 

 Time for a 

Happy dance!

Kind Regards – LGB and K

Resilient Hope

img_5593As I read in Wikipedia.org

about the sweet little birds 

pictured above and below;



“The black-capped chickadee is a small, nonmigratory,

North American songbird that lives in deciduous and mixed forests.”




It’s “nonmigratory trait”  brought to mind:



A thought to carry within our hearts

            as we enter into another New Year…


“Love’s grandest gift is

Presence, not presents.” – K




Kind Regards and Happy New Year to all – K


(Photos copyrighted and compliments of L.G.B.)




Celebrate- YOU!



Perhaps, today’s a good day

To relax, revel in your own joy 

Of the now,



Just where you are at.


Take a sanity break

‘Cuz, continuously

Running round in circles

Makes ya dizzy

And what’s the use of that?


Breathe deeply and enjoy

Sit back, and take a load off.

Celebrate your success,

For all that you have done

You put forth the grandest effort,



How far that you have come!




Kind Regards and celebrating “our” existence- K



Remember all…


Below, a wonderful video, compliments of youtube.com

Beware, it may just reach right in and grab hold of your heart. 


A Soldier’s Night Before Christmas – Ashley White




Christmas, December 25th…. A day many will be spending alone.

Let us not forget our soldiers nor the elderly or anyone who might

not be feeling chipper or close to family this time of year.

Know of someone who might not have a place to go?

Why not invite them to dinner? 


I would like to remind you, if you are feeling alone on this traditional holiday,

most churches still have a Christmas eve service. Check out the times of one

in your local area.  Being a part of a group, may just bring your heart

the peace it deserves. 


In Bellows Falls, VT, I am blessed to work part time at the Stone Church on the hill.

It’s real name is The Immanuel Episcopal Church.

The position was offered to me and I accepted, long before,

I knew how much I was going to need their wonderful camaraderie.

They are having an early evening service and welcome new people

with open arms. Drop on by if you are in the area.


Below, a few pictures that L.G.B. took one early Sunday morning.


Open up your heart and home, Dear

Whilst you rejoice by voice in yuletide song.

Welcome them with thou loving hugs, Dear

Let not one feel, they do not belong.

Kind Regards and thinking of all – K


I earned $0 blogging but..

As I reach 492 followers, over 13 k views in 5 mos of blogging it hits me. 

$0 dollars earned.

Meaningful moments priceless!

I’ve made people laugh, cry, hope and met many that relate!

  •  I have been inspired, uplifted and giggled at some of my favorite regulars comments…
  • What a fabulous journey!!

Feeling alive is not price -tag-able!

I am pleasantly surprised and blessed  many times a week with new wonderfully talented followers, comrades and possibilities!!

Thank you all for each role you have played in this experience! 

I’m hooked!!

Kind Regards and #winning-K

Simple survive the Holiday hints…

Tis that time of year… The Holidays = LOTS OF STRESS.

Hopefully, you successfully survived Black Friday

without too many cuts and bruises… 🙂

Here are a few “Pinterest”, thoughts

to show you how to EASE your stress-filled mind… ❤





Be kind to yourself!!


Kind Regards – K


Make The Choice Or…Cont’d

She did wait awhile to give him a chance

After she had warned him, she would go

And it mattered not that she loved him so

He didn’t make the change, you see

It seemed he wanted just to let things be.

So she did as she once promised to

Walked out that door, let herself  be free.

He was an idiot, just let her go

Obviously, he was blind and weak

Sadly, his future turned out rather bleak.

As she traveled down her new life path

She felt sadness, numb and eventually peace

Wasn’t long til bad memories of him faded dim

The universe blessed her, when she was born

With a grateful heart, which will always win.

14102935_1045701642209249_5535153856744557213_owise mind

Kind Regards and believing in life’s gifts – K


Just when you think you have it figured, Life throws a curveball at you

Mind your wings

img_06031Hello Everyone..

Today is an emotional day for me…I started a journey right here on wordpress and in the last few weeks, I was finally settling and getting comfortable. But, whooosh, Life threw me a new challenge. Though I had been preparing myself to be more responsive and be peaceful irrespective of the external chaos. I was thrown off balance. The only solace is, I’ve come out stronger and better from the previous times and I have enough faith in me and the Lord to guide me again. 

WordPress has inspired me, helped me get off the bed and end the pity party. So thank you bloggers. You guys keep me sane and happy.

 It’s true change is the only constant in life. Just when you get too comfortable, life throws a new challenge. The scope to grow is enormous, but some days we just want to give up…

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