K’s Blog Recommendations 4.19.19

Late yesterday afternoon, I witnessed two gray, wild bunny rabbits chasing each other down by the pond! They were so cute!

Instantly, a smile flooded my entire body! What a glorious feeling! 😁

Today, I am sharing my favorite blogs of the week! The same Instant smile feeling, I described above, happens when I share this type of post!

Got your coffee or tea? ☕️

Please, READ, then LIKE and FOLLOW your favorites!

Do enjoy!











Kind Regards

And #winning – K

K’s Blog Recommendations 8.23.2018

“When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.” – Wayne Dyer

Good morning!!  

It’s that time to share my discoveries! 

What a “sensational” experience, in all definitions of that adjective!  

**Remember, my job is not to judge!

**It is to maintain an open mind, learn, respect, and appreciate all types of blogs.

**Often I realize, the more posts I read, the more I learn about myself.

Whether, I discover my strengths or a weakness, it truly doesn’t matter.

I am growing, ever changing, all because of my openness to absorb the uniquely

talented blogger’s ideas and thoughts, that I have the privilege to discover!

**Thank you all for allowing me the chance to get to know you! 







☀️☀️ https://carldagostino.wordpress.com/2018/08/23/the-book-critics-by-carl-dagostino-2/



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Featured Blogs Discovered 7.5.18

Here comes the sun!
Zen to Zany!


Click and view these awesome discoveries!

☀️ Krish motivational Blog

☀️ Didis Art Design


☀️ Dreamy damsel Blog

☀️ Benaqiba

☀️ Ididnthavemyglasseson KS Beth

☀️ S.E.A. Sara Ackerman author

☀️ Message in Stanza

☀️ Lavender Life and Everything Nice

☀️ Pretty Plus andProud

An awesome week filled with, Learning, smiling, interaction and making new friends! It’s was tough to choose only a few!


Let me know what you think! ❤️🌎❤️

Kind Regards and relishing the moment – K


Here comes the sun photography compliments of K’s backyard, 7.2018 🤣

Featured Blog Fun 6.22.18


Each week I have the privilege to create an

SIWO Post-

Positivity ‘Round The World Meet & Greet!

🌟Sharing an inspirational

quote, your favorite blog

link, I enjoy going through

And discovering some of

the wonderful blogs that

Are part of our blogging

family, others I happily

stumble upon throughout

the week.

Will you be next?


☀️ Merilyn Zulu

☀️ Slice the Life

☀️ The Mind Palace tenacious believer 07

☀️ Cold hands warm hearts blog

☀️ True George


Kind Regards and TGIF – K

Shopping Trip

Run to the store

After work.

Pick up a few

From my mini list.

Overstuff my

Carry basket.

Checkout line

Ringing out.

Look behind,

There’s quite a line!

Seems I arrived

At the perfect time!

Feeling successful,

And compassionate.


Make some room

For the gal’s heavy things

Behind me.

Bagged up

Payment made

Off I start to go.

An Ol’ neighbor

Shouts a sweet hello.

I answer back

With a “How are you?”

Quick exchange.


And a grocery store

In a small town.

Not one person knew

I conquered

A panic attack

To be there.

Kind Regards

and # winning – K